Monday, July 31, 2006

The best duster

The Webster duster works great. We had it when we were a teen and it was actually fun to dust. Well, I thought, I wonder if they still make them? and through my freind, the internet, I was able to find it. I ordered one. It should be here in a couple days!!!!!I would post the picture of it but blogger isn't being nice today.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Buying for two GIRLS!!!!

No one told me how much fun it would be!!!!!!

Here are the shoes I ordered for Kaitlen

Here are Abigails!!

Then here is the tutu im going to order. I'll put a black bodysuit on them both and take pictures. Now, the hard part is guessing everyones sizes for an unknown time in the future. I figure we'll do the pictures when the shoes fit Abigail. Maybe at 3 months old??? So in Feb. Im hopeing K's shoes are a little big on her. We'll see when they arrive.
I also just bought them matching pink dresses while at walmart. I'll take pics of those later. Boy, Christmas pics are going to be fun!!!!!!! you'll probably be able to gag on all the matchingness going on. LOL

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Pronunciation: (")im-'p&r-vE-&s
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin impervius, from in- + pervius pervious
Date: 1650
1 a : not allowing entrance or passage : IMPENETRABLE
2 : not capable of being affected or disturbed
im·per·vi·ous·ly adverb- im·per·vi·ous·ness noun
Cody and I just got done with a conversation reguarding Alien VS Preditor and which one was impervious to what element. Actually i listened while Cody explained the ins and outs of it all.
Cody kills us sometimes because he always use 10$ words that we have no idea where he got them from. He's been doing it since he was a really little guy and lots of people always comment on the way he thinks and says things, I'm guessing it's his pops gene coming through Cody, boy he'd give Bill a run for his money, I can imagine the conversations they'd have.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ben lost a friend from LASD

Deputy David Piquette and another link Ben went online to today and saw a picture up of his friend saying he'd been killed in the line of duty. They are both out of the same class #294, actually they are the same age. They use to go to the Cowboy Boogie together during the academy and Ben was telling me how he'd stay at the apts across from the academy because the drive from his home was to far. Thats were his friend worked now, at the STAR center. There is a wall there and when ever you walk by it you hope in your heart of hearts that your loved one never get his name put up there. So, so sad

In Remembrance . . .
The Monument
I never dreamed it would be me
My name for all eternity
Recorded here at this hallowed place
Alas, my name, no more my face.
"In the line of duty" I hear them say
My family now the price will pay
My folded flag stained with their tears
We only had those few short years.
The badge no longer on my chest
I sleep now in eternal rest
My sword I pass to those behind
And pray they keep this thought in mind.
I never dreamed it would be me
And with heavy heart and bended knee
I ask for all here from the past
Dear God, let my name be the last.
by Sgt. George Hahn, LAPD (Retired)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

More pic from Birthday

ok, my blog freaked out and i couln't add these last night, but here they are.

Here is Matthew eating a quesadilla at his Birthday dinner. He turned two while at dinner and the waitress happened to ask how old he was and we told her that is was his Birthday and that he turned to so she gave him a big hug.

Don't go hiking in a long dress, LOL. we weren't planning on them climbing rocks when we headed out that day.
Happy Birthday Christian!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Matthews Birthday Party

We celebrated Matthews birthday on the 4th. The kids had a great time. We Bar-B-Qued and had potato salad, macaroni salad and chips and salsa. Everything was great. We did have some good thunderstorms though. They did clear up for some swimming and fireworks.

geez, what to do with her

I walked into the bedroom because it sounded like they are having way to much fun and there were a bunch of stuffed animals on the ground. I totally busted my butt in there with the toys and dolls and stuffed animals. I said," come on you guys, thats not fare" Kaitlen says (matter of factly) " lifes not fare" i said "o' really" her- "nope, it really isn't"
Where does she come up with this stuff?