Monday, July 30, 2007

Rio Bravo, Mexico

Ben dropped Thomas off at the church bright and early Sunday morning (4:45am) :oP To head off on their mission trip to Mexico. They will be building houses for two families while they are there. I believe they'll rotate from different sites. Plus they will be giving lessons to the villiage children on 3 of those days with some fun crafts. Im sure he will have a blast. He'll be home Friday evening. He took my old digital camera so hopefully he'll have some pics when he gets back home.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!!!!

We took the kids to Turpentine Creek and then headed up to Eureka springs to go to the Cresent Hotel Its supose to be haunted so we wanted to check it out. We couldn't stay the night because I had to catch up on work from being gone. So in Oct we'll go back up and stay the night and Ben and Thomas can got to the Eureka Screams haunted house.
Hurcules was waiting for dinne in his pool. He was very irritated too.

This is Brody, The King of the Jungle. He layed in his house all day and really enjoyed staring at Matthew. He was thinking one of two things 1- boy, he looks fun to play with or 2- He looks YUMMY.
Brody came out of his house at dinner time and paced around just waiting.
ALL the cats knew it was dinner time. The whole place came alive.

Jo playing with his toy

These Tigers are HUGE when standing up!!

here's Coco

The kids sitting in Coco the bears chair


Friday, July 20, 2007

Fishing trip

While i was at my moms Ben took the kids on a fishing trip on the white river.

Update on my mom

I know i didnt update when I posted pics. i didnt really have the time.......... With all things considered she is doing pretty good. Monday will be her last chemo. She will then follow up with CT scans every 3 months. The Dr will also follow her inbetween the scans. Im guessing bloodwork and such. As soon as she feels better and is stronger and less tired she'll come visit out here and with all my other sibs.

I dont quit understand why he wants to do the scans. Shes not going to do chemo again and so there really is no need to know if the cancer is coming back. Im sure my mom will know when the cancer has returned to the point of it affecting here and then we go on hospice.

You know what is really helping my mom?? Pot, yep Mary Jane. They make a pill and it wasnt doing much for her and one of the young guys from her work got her the real stuff and it is amazing!!! it stops her nausea and abdomial pain. It doesnt give her an appitite like its supose to but the fact it stops her abdominal pain it great, thats something her pain patch and pills couldnt do. ( im truly not a fan of people smoking dope, but the benifit i saw with my mom were amazing and i can see why there is an uproar to make marijauna legal for cancer patient) so, yes it was a little weird to see my mom smoke pot, but we joked about it!, lol

3 more teeth

I forgot to post this before I left. Abigail has 3 more teeth for a total of 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. I have to say teething hasnt really bothered her.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Im home

Abbie giving Nana kisses

Miss Manners with her toes on the table

Uncle Michael and Abbie

Nana Uncle Derek Uncle Michael & Abbie

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Abbie and I

Are going to my moms house!! We leave tomorrow afternoon. Im excited to see my mom, im terrified of the flight. Ben and figured it was just cheaper and easier to fly me and Abbie out there than to drive all of us there. This is my first time away from my babies like this. while im gone Ben will take them fishing, swimming and other fun stuff that will add extra worry to me ;o). Ben is very overprotective so i really dont need to worry. i will be gone a week. my mom is so excited she has been counting down the days.

my mom is not doing so good. shes been on chemo since the first week of April and is so sick. At one point she was loosing about a pound a day(in the begining we actually had her gaining weight). Its not as bad now but still loosing. so they are going to give her 2 more treatments and stop the chemo and do a CT every 3 months after. i know when it comes back she'll opt not to do chemo again. on her worst week of sickness she even said that she now knows why people refuse chemo. I've already started crying about leaving my mom and i havent even got there yet.
I'll update when i get back.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Way too cute!!!!!

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Abbies new car seat. Her infant seat only goes to 22 pounds so i ordered her this one today. It goes from 5 to 65 pounds so she will have it for a long time. She'll still need to be rear facing till she's one. Its so much easier when they are facing forward.......... she'll get there sooner than i care to think. My baby is growing up to fast!!!

She did it!!!!!!!

Abigail started crawling at 4 minutes passed midnight!!! I knew she was on the verge of crawling so i didnt put her on the floor while ben was at work so he wouldnt miss it. It was cute and she was excited about it.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Our new TV

It a 50" plasma. It's smaller than our old TV but much nicer.


Matthew at his Birthday lunch

This was on Matthews Birthday after we came back from lunch. i made him his own little cake. So we had cake before Ben went to work.

He did a good job at eating it :o)
So, what was Matthew doing 3 yrs after he was born? sleeping on the couch

Matthew's Parrrrrteyyyyyy

Codt drew pics of ben and I
Auntie Anna made the cake!!!!!!! She did an Awesome job
Who's your Sugar Daddy?!?!?! M is eating a sugar daddy, lol
Notice all the extra candles. The kids all wanted to put some on too.