Friday, February 29, 2008

Concert update

Ben got the boys front row with bracelets and all. I thought that was way cool. I asked him how he managed that. He just said he knows people *rolls eyes*. The kids really enjoyed it.
BUT omgosh, we (Arkansas peeps) freaked the band out. Not everyone knows about the hog call and at the end of it the crowd did it. they were like what the heck?!?!?! was that. Seriously, over the mic they were saying what the #*I#&(* was that, LOL. I guess they won't be back, lol.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Foo Fighters

This is the concert Thomas and a friend are going to that Ben is working at. Ben was joking and told him today that it wasn't actualy going to be the Foo Fighters but it was going to be the Kung-Foo Fighters........ LOL. and I said nooooooooo It's gonna be the Sun Spots. LMBO!! ok, you have to be a Union Plaza(Las Vegas) junkie to get the last part.

They are a Filipino lounge act that played (plays???) at the Plaza. They were good. :)

Abbie Jo

trying to put her hat on

Summer Vacation

This year we are going to Branson and staying at the Grand Country Inn We have it planned for 4 days and they have an indoor/outdoor water park that you can use as much as you want and we get a two day pass to Silver Dollar City. Plus miniature golf passes and a bunch of free meals. I think we figured it out that we'd only end paying for a meal on the day we left. Then after we leave there we'll head on over to Mountain View for some fishing and to visit Betty at the cemetery.
Last year we were going to go to the Nickelodeon hotel in Fl but my mom got sick and we spent our vacation there so we had planned on going this summer, but when we called to make reservations the prices had tripled since last yr. (crazy) I think we found something just as exciting, maybe even more exciting for the kids and a heckofa lot cheaper.

Monday, February 25, 2008

T-ball and Baseball

It's getting that time. I got an email from Kaitlens coach. Her practice starts in March and is 3 days a week and Then Ben got a call tonight from Codys coach that his practice will be starting in a couple weeks. His is 2 nights a week and Ben will help coach the team. Ben is real excited. The coach for Cody is a firefighter and Ben sees him a lot and they get along real well, actually i think he also works part time PD for the town we live in. His wife is actually pg with their 3rd boy. His son and Cody have played together for the last 2 yrs. Codys and kaitlen practices only overlap on one practice. Not two bad. Plus the reason K's coach has 3 a week is in hopes you can make two of the practices.

playing with her pic

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I was in the shower and I hear Matthew come in and says..
M- I like you
L-(i open the shower) I like you even more
M- No, I like you
L-(aww, my heart melts in a puddle) I like you too honey
M- I uk-kie, mommy
L- oh, your yuckie
L- well get in the shower

LOL, darn speach therapy needs to kick in. I thought he liked me. I still love him anyways

Dawg, Where's my truck?

Ka-ute story......
AZUSA, California - Doggone it, my truck's gone!
Police said Charles McCowan parked his pickup in front of a mini-mart Wednesday, leaving his 80-pound Boxer Max in the passenger seat. When he came out, the truck and Max were gone.
McCowan called police, assuming the truck had been stolen. When officers arrived, they found the pickup across the street in a fast-food parking lot but had no idea how it got there. In security video shown Thursday on KCAL-TV, the truck can be seen rolling backward out of the store lot and across the street, threading its way through traffic and out of view.
Police said that after McCowan left the truck, Max knocked the vehicle out of gear and sent it rolling backward.
Both Max and the truck emerged without a scratch.

Kaitlens bow

That Ashley made!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Super Bowl Shuffle:The Bears

LOL, way too funny. There was an 80's survey on Myspace and it asked who did the Superbowl Shuffle. i knew The Fridge was in it, William Perry, but I didn't know the team...... Here it is. umm, white boy can't dance.

Friday, February 22, 2008


When Cody grows up

He wants so be a Medical Examiner :s Like Dr. G. We have known he wants to be a Doctor, we just never knew what kind. Ben says we won't be eating at his house, lol. If i know Cody i actually think he will work more behind the scene. Like with cells and viruses, Pathology stuff. I def don't see him in an office setting with coughing kids and hypochondriac adults. In 10 yrs i'll update you when I send him off to College.

What craftyness are you doing???

I know there are alot of crafty people out there. So what are you doing/making??? I know Ashley has been busy!! making cute stuff (still comment on what your making Ash) Sheryl, I know you are MULTI talented, whats on your plate?? Patty, What are you up to in your 37.5hour day ;) ? Anna or Nicole, you being crafty (No buying shoes is not crafty!!!) Aunti Anna, you making stuff???????????? Tina Bobina, i know your not making anything and NOOOOOO kissing your Bully is NOT a craft. Anyone else out there i can't think of????

My Map

I got a hit from the Philippines!! I wonder what they typed in that brought up my blog and made them click on it. Were they doing a Velasco search? Could it actually be family? Maybe looking for Bill or Betty??

Thursday, February 21, 2008



and her two favorite grandbabies. Cody and Emily.At first I thought this was at Jockos, but it's Pauls Kitchen in Los Angeles. The place to go for REAL chinese food.

Pics of Ben

When i was cleaning out my desk i found an envelope with pics and i have no idea how they got there. After a while i realized these were ones Betty had and we got them after she died.

Ben with his brother Matt
Ben ready for football
Ben not happy getting his pic taken

This is in Santa Barbara at his grandparents house

Ben and his Dad, Bill was always involved in there sports.

Gabe and Ben, Yes it says Razorbacks :) Even though it LaMirada colors.

Academy pics, Ben always willing to take a pic.

They are standing in front of the wall at the STAR center that lists all the fallen Deputy's names.
Some training of some sort.

Bill, Ben and Betty at his graduation.

Sheriff Block and Ben

Betty, Cody and Ben Christmas 99

Ben and Cody, that was at Christmas time too.

Ben and I at Knotts Berry farm. It was flippin hot that day.

Summer 97

Some Bunny Loves Matth"ewe"

Matthew had fun playing with Beau tonight. Everyone was asleep and I was getting Abbie to sleep and him and the rabbit kept snuggling and playing.
Oh, the band-aid was because Matthew said he was bleeding. (not really) I don't think it hurt coming off but i did it fast and while i was petting him.
Did i ever tell you he was 12#'s at the vet?
Like a dog.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


working my fingers to the bone. Im taking my computer equipment back today.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Julian, Cop at heart!!

I found this picture in Julians World. It's written in French, but you get what she's saying.
Juju et ses donuts et son cafe
" I swear he was meant to be a cop(no offense!) "
(Dec. 25th carepages, actually go read Dec 25th post.)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Diesel, LOL

The crumb fairy???

I decided i should vacuum under the couch cushions. I was a bit surprised at all the crumbs because no one is aloud to eat on the couch especially the kids. So were did they come from? I know there's a gremlin that steals ONE sock, but is there a crumb fairy. Now if I asked the kids who has been eating on the couch I'm sure it would come down to the one child i did not give birth to. He goes by the name "Not Me"

Bandana outfit

This is the older girl version of Lilys halter/bloomer set. Bandana pants and a halter top. I made the pant back when i did Lilys but just got around to doing the top today.
(no, i dont have a "thing" about the bear in the back ground thats just were i get the best light, LOL)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I stole some of Ashleys pics

This is Brooks, Ashleys new nephew!! He was so sweet! i got to hold him and smell him and let me tell you!! If Ben wasn't snipped we would so get pg! We decided no more kids for several reasons and thats why we made it permanent so we couldn't change our minds but just for the record, we'd be pg by next month!! :) He a sweet boy.
How cute is she.
Thing 1 and Thing 2................. recharging

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lilys first B-day party

We were getting ready to go to Lilys Bday party and matthew wanted a pic with Lilys present!!

It's in the sack, LOL. It was a "down on the farm" theme. How cute huh!! So kaitlen needed a pic too

Lily and Tate

Matthew trying to get on Butterscotch

Cody V

Abbie coming out of her shell!! and playing

Lily's cake! to flippin cute

lily eating her cake

G'ma Hester pinched Abbie!! IM JUST KIDDING, LOL. she wiped her face not knowing Abbie is a spaz.

Matthew doing what he loves, dhooting guns. First thing he spotted was there gun case, LOL. and yes, Ashley hid the scissors.

Lilys bandana halter top and bloomers I made her. It'll be great during summer!!

i didnt get a picture of Brooks, i'll have to go steal one and tell ya about him!!