Friday, February 01, 2008

Sammie is home

We picked her up today from the vet. She gets eye drops and anitbiotics. Her eye looks normal, that was fast!! She is doing good. Not eating well. I have to give her either chicken and rice or hamburger and rice. I put chicken and rice in the food processor and made up a big batch for today and tomorrow, then I'll switch to hamburger. I'm thinking the grease from the beef might be to much for her right now. She is resting. The dr said the tooth was hard to take out. It was very healthy and he had to go all the way to the bone and break the roots. The tooth wasn't going anywhere, just that it was cracked when the horse kicked her. So she is sore and then of course from being spayed. poor baby. She was happy to be home. She hopped right out of the car and was wagging her stubby tail.
Oh, and Beau the bunny has to stay in the bathroom while Sammie is in the house because Sammie will EAT her!!!!!!!!!! Poor Beau.............

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