Monday, February 25, 2008

T-ball and Baseball

It's getting that time. I got an email from Kaitlens coach. Her practice starts in March and is 3 days a week and Then Ben got a call tonight from Codys coach that his practice will be starting in a couple weeks. His is 2 nights a week and Ben will help coach the team. Ben is real excited. The coach for Cody is a firefighter and Ben sees him a lot and they get along real well, actually i think he also works part time PD for the town we live in. His wife is actually pg with their 3rd boy. His son and Cody have played together for the last 2 yrs. Codys and kaitlen practices only overlap on one practice. Not two bad. Plus the reason K's coach has 3 a week is in hopes you can make two of the practices.

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