Thursday, February 28, 2008

Summer Vacation

This year we are going to Branson and staying at the Grand Country Inn We have it planned for 4 days and they have an indoor/outdoor water park that you can use as much as you want and we get a two day pass to Silver Dollar City. Plus miniature golf passes and a bunch of free meals. I think we figured it out that we'd only end paying for a meal on the day we left. Then after we leave there we'll head on over to Mountain View for some fishing and to visit Betty at the cemetery.
Last year we were going to go to the Nickelodeon hotel in Fl but my mom got sick and we spent our vacation there so we had planned on going this summer, but when we called to make reservations the prices had tripled since last yr. (crazy) I think we found something just as exciting, maybe even more exciting for the kids and a heckofa lot cheaper.


Ashley Hester said...

yay! I hope you have a blast!

MamaBear said...

Fun, fun, fun!! We've made so many wonderful memories over the last few years in Branson. Y'all are gonna have a blast.