Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pretty cutsie huh??

look up at the address bar. I added a flower to it. Way to cute huh? It's called a favicon. Who knew....... not me, lol. Myspace has its 3 blue people, MSN has its butterfly, blogger has it's letter B and i have my pink flower. :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Light a candle for Coleman

Please go light a candle for Coleman and let the family know your thinking of them.

Mimi has another painting up for auction on eBay. It is in Coleman and Caden's favorite colors. John Deere green and yellow. It only has 1 day left.

Here is just a little bit of what Colemans mom posted today. (CP-colemanscott)

Coleman has told me several times, “mommy? It may be a tway-zee wife, but it’s OUR wife!” (it may be a crazy life, but it’s OUR life…if you watch Jon and Kate plus Eight you know where he got that!) how true THAT is, and it cracks me up every time I hear him say it!

We got their preschool papers in the mail this week. Oh how I wish I was taking them to buy new book bags,supplies, etc. (so many parents are complaining of that, I’d GLADLY trade places with them! I wish THAT was our “tway-zee” life right now)

Who knows how it’s all going to go, but Coleman keeps insisting he’s going to SOOL! I pray he gets the chance- he’s been looking forward to school for so long, talking about how much FUN it will be. Couldn’t you just see him in the classroom? He would be what we teachers call a “monitor” making sure EVERYONE ELSE was doing exactly what they were supposed to!

Please go visit Colemans care page.

Old LASD paystub

I ran across one of Bens old LASD paycheck stubs. I was looking at it and it was about 2 weeks before we moved out her. So i compared his two week LASD check to his one month pay here. 5 years ago Ben made 1684.62 more in 2 weeks than he does a whole month here :(. that's 5 yrs ago PLUS he's a Sgt now. I won't even tell you what a 12 yr Deputy makes out in LA now. (He still talks to peeps out there) and of course a Sgt would make even more. I know, I know. Your thinking, houses, gas, food.... We bought our house out there before the crazy sky high prices. Things are a lot closer there. 5 minute walk to school, groceries etc.
Police Officers need to get paid better here!!!!! that's all i have to say. Gawllllll, i probably should have never found that paystub.
I love Ar, love my friends!!! love my house, love the kids school, love their Sunday school teachers, love my old pastor (we just got a new one and im trying to warm up to the change, really i am. He just has a totally different personality. Not as lively.) I love their school teachers ( i believe half of the school goes to our church, lol) it's just hard sometimes to see those number differences cause we sure could use that other money, lol.

Branson 08 part 7- outlet shopping

While we were on vacation we got the kids their school clothes. We got Cody's from Nautica and Oshkosh. The shirts there are the ones from walmart (all 3$, yea) he has worn his nautica shirt. It's his favorite. It's a yellow and blue long sleeve and he had wanted the matching ball cap for $14. I told him he could have the hat but he'd have to wear it every day. He said he didn't want it. Cody was on a red shoe kick and found a pair of Nike's that he loved. He's a size 6.5! Yikes.
Cody will be using his backpack from last yr and adding more Shark patches to it.
Thomas found all his stuff at Nautica, Old Navy and Levi. Levi had a great sale on tshirts. He still needs socks and boxers. Why are boxers so expensive??
Thomas will also be using last yrs backpack because it looks brand new and was a lot of money

Miss Kaitlen. They had such cute stuff at Nautica for her but it seemed if we found cute bottoms they would be out in her size in the top and vice versa. To our surprise she is a size 8. She's not fat but is so tall and a little to curvy for 5 years old. We got her some stuff at Disney and Oshkosh too. Plus the walmart shirts we got her for 3$ too. Ashley is going to make her matching bows for her clothes. She's going to be so cute. At Oshkosh Ben wanted to pick out an outfit for Kaitlen. The brown and flower one in the top back left corner is the one. It is super cute. He even got the matching headband. He spent 45$ on one outfit. When he was done he looked at me and asked how i did it. When i was getting their clothes I'd have a pile of clothes for 45$ not one little outfit.

With the exception of socks, they are all ready for school. These clothes should also still fit them when spring rolls around next yr. We got their winter clothes back at the beginning of summer when Old Navy was having that mega sale which should be going on pretty soon again.

Matthew and Abigail didn't go empty handed. They both got a new pair of Nikes and Matthew just had to have a Nautica sweatshirt. His wasn't on sale. :/

A Contest!!

Over at The Secret is in the Sauce.

Its for a Apple 4G iPod Nano in Silver!
go on over and check it out!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Matthew and his soda

Matthew: me need this.

Matthew: me a boy.

Me: your a boy and you need this?

Matthew: yes, me need this. Remember?

Matthew: Me a boy. Remember?

Me:yes, i remember but don't think you need this.

Matthew: remember what happened when i was a baby?

Me: no, what happened?

Matthew: Nothing. Me do nothing.
I think he tried to convince me that Diet Pepsi is good for him and without it he won't be able to do anything.
I think Ben and I have been a little lax with the last two. Matthew's addicted to DP and Abigail is addicted to coffee.
It made me think of this Matthew story.

Make your own grocery bag

I was watching the news and i can't remember if it was the state of Washington or just Seattle, but they want to pass a 20¢ surcharge for each plastic bag you use at the grocery store, convenience store etc. It reminded me that a while back on Patty's blog she posted a link to a tutorial to make your own grocery bags. Soooo, i went back and found it! Here you go.

I trimmed up Abbies hair

We waited in the car while Thomas got his teeth cleaned. i completely forgot thomas had an appt and we threw everyone in the car and got there 10 minutes late :O
So i took a pic with my phone for the before and after.

I gave her more bangs since she doesnt keep anything in her hair long enough to hold it out of her face.

I cut about 1 1/2 inches off the back.

5.4 Earthquake hits S. Cali

I have been watching Dr. Hutton after earthquakes FOREVER!!! she's real good about explaining everything. I swear she looks the same.

you'll hear someone ask about whats the chance of it being a precursor to the "big one" The big one is The San Andreas Fault and when it goes its going to be unimaginably horrific.

ok, im seeing it as a 5.8 and a 5.4 sooooo it's one or the other. probably 5.4 (eta: ok, it was downgraded to a 5.4)

Monday, July 28, 2008

only Cody

I was on EBay waiting for the last minute thirty to go by to win this outfit for Abigail and Cody comes over and asked if my bid has caused other people to want to bid on that outfit. I said only if they want to spend more than me.
Then he said.............
how many people want to spend valuable gas money on one dress? you, only you. Your 1 in a million.

LOL, nice to know im 1 in a million!! and what 8 y/o worries about gas prices and money?

Now thats what im talking about!!

"President Eisenhower was the last president to approve a military execution. In 1957, he approved the execution of John Bennett, an Army private convicted of raping and attempting to kill an 11-year-old Austrian girl. He was hanged in 1961. "

Now if all child predators would get this type of sentence.

It's actually from and article about Bush OK'ing an execution. It's a good read.

Abbies 5th disease rash

i know, im going over kill on the rash pics, but Abbie has it so much worse than the other two had it I had to share.

you can click to enlarge pic


A dogs life


Sunday, July 27, 2008


Keep Coleman in your prayers. His mom just updated and they were told that there was 7 tumors that they could see and that there are probably more that they can not see. They are working on a plan for Coleman. Coleman says NEVER GIVE UP and they won't, he won't.


I made an apron today for Ashley. Its her house warming gift. They have been in there house since Feb. It's a tad late, lol. It turned out super cute. I used my moms apron for the pattern.
Ashley loved it! (her kitchen is cows)

on the back the fabric says, "moo"
you can click on the pics to make them bigger.

for the record

Cody won.
Cody said that there are sharks in the Bering Sea and Ben said no there wasn't.
This is the Salmon Shark. Cody won.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Branson 08 Part 6- water park

The hotel we stayed at had an indoor/outdoor water park. The kids got to do this everyday.
at the Disney store i got kaitlen and Abbie matching swimsuits and they are super cute but once they get wet you can see through the back. there is no lining under the silver material. With Abbie, not so bad. Kaitlen, not so good. She's not aloud to wear it in public anymore.
one of the outdoor slides

some of the indoor stuff
Get ready...
This bucket fills up every few minutes and tips itself over.
Cody on the lazy river.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Branson 08 part 5- Predator World

We went to Predator World in Branson. It was actually one of the first things we did and it was more than worth the money we spent on it!!!

A beautiful porcupine. I would kiss that cheek.
cotamundi, I LOVED him. he was so sweet. He was a nervous pacer, but oh so cute. He would come over to were the glass met the wall and smell you. There was a slight opening and you could put your hand to the glass and he'd take in deep sniffs. too cute!
Lemur's, they were just waiting to make trouble, lol.
i can not remember this cats name....
Gila monster. My favorite lizard!
they had several alligator and crocodiles
A Cobra, it was following kaitlens finger
Green mamba!
The black mamba. Yikes!!
Gaboon Viper. as dangerous as it is creepy
The Puff Adder, my favorite snake
Python. This one was female
She was super friendly
A rattler
Baby croc Arctic WolfTigers, oh so close!
lazy lions
The white tiger that's up and the lion went at it through the fence. Let me tell you there roars and yells are loud and fierce.
A bear!
Thomas and AJ
a very old snapping turtle
Sting Ray
Thomas and Cody feeding the Sting Ray
I think that's the sucker shark behind Abigail. It makes the loudest suction sound when eating. it'll make you jump.
let me say, the sea turtle was a pig.
a pig, but cute.
some kind of shark
The pig again

This place was awesome. i will say all the animals looked well cared for and only the cotamundi made me sad with his pacing. I don't know if thats what they do in the wild or if it was becasue he was confined.
i always forget people like links..... so here is-