Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Up for auction on Ebay!!!!!!!!!

Mimi, Julians Mama painted this. It has been listed on Ebay. The money from the sale will go to a family effected by childhood cancer. She has the family already picked out.
" The Bleeding Son " was created in June 2008 as the first piece of a series called "cancer's hell " . The yellow and orange tones were Julian's favorite color reminding him of the sun . I wrote/painted the names of little cancer fighters in red and little angels in white.
Also the words "cancer sucks " will appear in each painting...
So please go bid if you can. if your unsure that you can part with money..........
dont eat out for a month... or do that garage sale you've been meaning to do to make up for the money. dont drive for a week. that'll save you tons!! ;)


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