Friday, July 25, 2008

Branson 08 part 5- Predator World

We went to Predator World in Branson. It was actually one of the first things we did and it was more than worth the money we spent on it!!!

A beautiful porcupine. I would kiss that cheek.
cotamundi, I LOVED him. he was so sweet. He was a nervous pacer, but oh so cute. He would come over to were the glass met the wall and smell you. There was a slight opening and you could put your hand to the glass and he'd take in deep sniffs. too cute!
Lemur's, they were just waiting to make trouble, lol.
i can not remember this cats name....
Gila monster. My favorite lizard!
they had several alligator and crocodiles
A Cobra, it was following kaitlens finger
Green mamba!
The black mamba. Yikes!!
Gaboon Viper. as dangerous as it is creepy
The Puff Adder, my favorite snake
Python. This one was female
She was super friendly
A rattler
Baby croc Arctic WolfTigers, oh so close!
lazy lions
The white tiger that's up and the lion went at it through the fence. Let me tell you there roars and yells are loud and fierce.
A bear!
Thomas and AJ
a very old snapping turtle
Sting Ray
Thomas and Cody feeding the Sting Ray
I think that's the sucker shark behind Abigail. It makes the loudest suction sound when eating. it'll make you jump.
let me say, the sea turtle was a pig.
a pig, but cute.
some kind of shark
The pig again

This place was awesome. i will say all the animals looked well cared for and only the cotamundi made me sad with his pacing. I don't know if thats what they do in the wild or if it was becasue he was confined.
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auntie Tina said...

Awww, I love the Tiger

Kim said...

Looks like fun! We had a big python like that and his name was Big Al.

♥Lisa♥ said...

lol, thats cute. I have tried to talk Ben into a corn snake but he says no. He's afraid of reptiles and rodents.
I don't see a python in our future at all.