Friday, July 18, 2008

Thinking about Halloween

Its really not that far away and i have started thinking what will they be? what do they want to be? Abigail is young enough and i can still pick her costume. i was thinking Raggedy Ann. How cute huh? something a little like this..

then i was thinking if i did her Raggedy then i should do Matthew as Andy :) that would be cute. I was actually planning on making Matthew a Chuck Liddell costume .I was going to give him a mohawk, buy blue shorts and put grey and white icecicles on them (He's the "iceman") and then get white sweats and dye them skin color because its cold here at Halloween.
For Cody i was thinking a shark costume. He loves sharks. I havent ran this buy him so we'll see. I would def make the shark and since its cold her i would have him wear a faux wetsuit like a surfer that was ate by a shark. the wetsuit will be a long sleeve under armour shirt (generic from walmart) and the pants will be the sleeves from another under armous shirt sewn to the bottom of sweats. He just pulls the sweats to his knees and he ends up with wetsuit legs and say when hes at school with his costume and the parade is over he simply pulls the sweats down over the sleeves and he's set.

I have offered to make Otis from House of a thousand corpses for thomas several times and he has declined. I'll ask one last time. We'll see. It would be easy. A long coat, face paint, and wig. I have already found the wig.

Kaitlen...... I have no idea. She has so many costumes already i dont know if she'll reuse a costume or want a new one. She's not into me making her stuff so we'll see what she decides.

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