Thursday, January 31, 2008

How do you know your getting older??

You care what the thread count is in your sheets. There was a time when I thought, whats wrong with 200 or 250??????? LOL
as I wait for my 1200 count to arrive. :)

Space Shuttle Challenger

Ok, not to bum you out but since I talked about it I thought I'd share.

2nd grade program

Right after i dropped Sammie off at the vets we had to go to Codes program. It was actually GREAT! i enjoyed it. It was an hour long. That was a 1/2 hour to long for Matthew and Abigail. (trust me)..... It was about the solar system, outer space and the space program. Which i believe deserves a lot of attention. So kudos to my kids school. It started off with a video and i thought hmm that looks like the Challenger take off (thinking please don't be, please don't be, PULEEEZE, mm-k) well it was. As I'm blinking back tears (as if my day wasn't emotional enough)my little girl asks why is everything falling down??? I told her I'll tell her about it when we get home. I will tell her especially since she was so interested because sadly when shes like 12 she may not give much of a hoot what the Challenger meant.

Little Miss Independant!!!!!!!!!!

Im not kidding. I was NOT aloud to touch her. Can you imagine her falling on that floor. Yeah, that last 1/2 hour was F-U-N

Its snowing

yea, I hope it's enough for the kids to play in. They have been waiting for this alllll winter. Keep your fingers crossed

Sammie update

She is in surgery for her tooth that was cracked. The vet is thinking more along the lines that a horse kicked her even though there isn't a hoof mark, more than a car hitting her. I think, he's thinking she would have had more injury with a car than just her nose, eye, mouth area. Maybe to much of a confined area. The guy next to us has the property just for his horses and the property of ours that we dont use we let him run his horses on there too. He hays the field and fixes the fences so for us its a good trade though people here rent out there land and still get the haying and fence mending included we dont see the need to charge, ya know. So Sammie very well could have pissed a horse off. I've never seen her mess with them, but there is always a first.
She'll be getting spayed today too. Since it's icing now she'll be staying the night at the vets again. Which is good. I'm sure they are spoiling her. I think I might update her boosters and rabies while shes there even though she's not due till May. Get her done in one swoop.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My oldest Brother and Sister

Their Dad died tonight. He had a stroke several months back and he wasn't expected to survive back then. He never really recovered from it. Our mom just called me and told me.

Think pink!!

The set we got kaitlen!! I imagine EVERY girl will have this pink set, LOL. She'll have pink shoes too. Way to cute.

Moms 60th Birthday is Friday!

So Tina and I went halfies on these flowers for her.

I want..........

A really boring day. A day of laying on the couch watching movies.

So today. I have plans to meet up with someone and have coffee. Yes, A real live human that is the same height as me and talks adult, LOL. So thats all set and I sit down and hear Sammy our Rotty hit her foot on our sliding door (which she does all the time) so i spin my chair around to look at her AND OMGOSH, SHE HAD BEEN HIT BY A CAR!!!!!!!!!!. i wont go into details because what i saw was horrible. So i call Ben crying and telling him he HAS to come home. He's working over time and can't come home. Sooooo, he comes home with another officer who knows about dogs (ex vet tech). So by the time they get here she is doing SOOOOOOO much better. So, but she wont go to the car. She is afraid of alot of things. She was abused before we got her and she hasnt emotionally healed from any of that. Bens aloud to say hi to her but she won't let him touch her, it was obviously a male that hurt her. So I have to carry this huge dog to the car and we get to the vet and thankfully the lady carries her this time, lol. Sammie lets the vet check her. (who is a male) By then she's bleeding out her nose pretty bad, her eye looks bad. BUT he says the nose thing is nothing just like our bloody noses bleed alot so do dogs, lots of small blood vessels. So she gets an overnight observation at the vet, some antibiotics to fight against inf if blood got into her lungs and the eye will be treated topically (amazing, it looks horrible) and she cracked a tooth and that will be removed in the next couple days. If nothing else shows up overnight she'll walk away from this pretty fair. I think this happened when our mail got delivered. The mail lady and a farm truck were passing at the same time on the dirt road and i think sammie got caught in it. so i cancelled coffee of course and we had a program to go to at codes school. So we leave the vets and head over there. It was an hour long program, about 30 minutes longer than Abbie and Matthew wanted to sit through. so now we are home and tired.
I was just going to take new pics of sammie and tell you how she guards our house. Something she did on her own. Its in the breed, but crazy amazing how she does it. I'll hold off untill she is better.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Child labor ROX!!!!

Last night, all of a sudden, I realized it's quiet!! Hmmm, how long has it been quiet. 1 min,5,min's.....10 min's???? So i get up and Matthew was washing clothes in the sink with body wash. He is just SOOOO sweet, LOL, How can you get upset with him. He was so pround. So i told him we have to drain the sink and get out of the bathroom.

So he drains the sink and rinses the clothes

and piles them up :)
oh Matthew, Matthew, Matthew!!!!!!! keep 'em coming, you keep mommy and daddy on our toes and bring us smiles and memories for years to come.

(don't think he did this on his own, kaitlen was involved, but she got out of there before i caught Matthew)

Fly High

I had to post this, To Julian From his Mama.
Fly high…

Fly high, lil man,
The sun and you are one.
You won’t ever be cold again,

I will always keep my eyes to the skies…
Today, the sunshine was a little warmer,
Tonight, the Milky Way a little brighter.

I feel your hand in mine and your face on my chest.
I feel you looking up at me,
Begging for a kiss.

“Just one more kiss, Mama…
One more dinosaur kiss,
Because I really like you “

Come closer baby, It is ok now,
You are done fighting ,
You are done hurting.

Give me one more smile,
One more silly face,
And one more hug…

You can go, now,you can go,
The boys will be fine,
Daddy and I will love on them for you…

My heart is shattered, baby,
But so much bigger,so full of love…
I will miss you forever…

So for now, Fly high, lil man…
With your brand new wings,
Fly high, all the way to Heaven…

Good night, sweet pea, sleep tight,
Your mama, the lil one…

McDonalds Commercial - How low can you go?

Don't you just love this commercial?!?!?!?!
Don't tell me your butt don't start shaking everytime it comes on!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

hmm, dyslexic???

I actually typed this as a comment on Patty's blog. I believe i dropped out of school in the 1st grade. i know I'm horrible at typos but come on!!

My name, LOL :)Those are gresat links, I thgink im going to try those when i get some time.I lik ethe linking idae. Im goin gto have to do. though i might steal your links, lol

I think i need to remember to click the spell check button.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mom, Whats a period??

My 8 y/o son asks me at a pizza joint tonight.
Immediately a million things go through my head- he cant possibly mean PERIOD, where would he hear that, I talked about it today but he was at school when i was on the phone.
Me: a period is the dot at a sentence.
Code: no, not that kind of period.
Me thinking lightening fast again, i really don't want to explain periods to my 8 yr old. he knows how babies are created, he knows were they come out off. he does not know how the sperm meets the egg, lol somehow he missed that question. but seriously, does he need to know about the uterus and how it sheds when there is no implantation of an egg and blood comes out your who-ha......... Code interrupts my thinking..
Code: the kind when your in a bigger school.
Me: oh, those are classes!!!!!!!!!!!!! (thank you)!!!!! you have 0-7 PERIODS!!! depending on your schedule. So one period may be math, the next science........................ you could have PE for 3rd period....................
Cody continues on and on about HS Periods, subjects and classes, blah, blah, blah. I finally have to tell him to eat.

The Monte Carlo

In Las Vegas is on fire, how scary is that!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is ok. The workers, guest, Fire Fighter and Police officers!!!
ETA- The fire is out and apparently no one was hurt, but the strip has been closed, which is a HUGE thing to happen. That only happens once a year for New Years Eve.

Fly High

Julians Mama posted this today. Keep them in your prayers.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Uh, Mamabear???

Did your sweet angel give my sweet angel make up tips? LOL
I was making dinner and she comes out saying she just put a little make up on.
See matthew in the back??? Yea, he was making crabby patties!!

Wearing Yellow

For Juju!!
Abigail wasnt happy

I told you it was going to get exciting around here

ok, I got an email from my work that my contract with them has been terminated. I process workmans comp claims from home and i contract my services out. So i email back if they can tell me why?

..Our bill count has dramatically decreased, and we don't anticipate it coming back up in the near future. It was strictly a business decision for us to terminate a number of vendor contracts due to lack of need. ......If the need arises in the future, we will also consider you for future needs if you would like to be considered. It's an unfortunate situation, but I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

We rely on my income. There is no way i'll find a job around here with those kind of hours and pay. Plus i was at home. so we are thinking what we can do..... my last day is Feb 20th.

keep us in your thoughts please

Julian Michael Avery

Julian Michael Avery
May 12, 2003 - January 19, 2008

Fly High King JuJu

Wear yellow for Julian today!!

Pray for his Mama and family.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

HUGE Old Navy Sale!!!!

So leave the kids with your Hubby and Goooooo. We went today and got the four younger kids their winter clothes for next yr and got Thomas some shirts and me some shirts and spent $130 and saved 112$ off of already sale prices. For fun when we got home Ben added up the original prices of everything and it added up to over 500$. How crazy is that. The same stuff i bought Kaitlen for full price in Dec was now 1.50 to 2.00 a piece.
I asked the guy if they do this with the summer clothes and they do. He said it should be in Aug!!

Video of Julian

"For you who didnt meet Julian ,and those who wont be able to be there tonight and tomorrow with us ,here is a video ... A short version of the 30 minute original. Two songs that were meant for Ju...Thank you Macey for Yellow, and I cant recall who shared Godspeed with me... "

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sign ups!!!!!!!!!!

We got the flyer from Codys school that it's time for summer ball sign ups and it wont be just Cody signing up but KAITLEN too!!!!!!!! Bring out the pink!!!!!!! We are so excited!! I just hope they dont play at the same times or in different towns on the same day :(


Only nursed once today. Not buy her choice though. Bens in the other room trying to get her to sleep. So over the next couple days should be it. I found a milk she'll drink, Vitamite. Its basically a white liquid with all the vitamins and fat in it. She will only use the playtex dome nipples with this purple cup. Thomas put it together and she liked it. They dont even match but they fit. Its a Gerber Sippy cup with the playtex ring and nipple, and they fit. Its purple and i wonder if thats why she likes it. so i am going to have to go get another purple gerber cup so she'll have atleast two instead of the one. I have a ton of playtex bottles but doesnt really drink it when its the bottle. She is weird and picky.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Julians obituary

You can read it here.

Love You Dada

Are you Kidding me!!! thats what Abigail said when daddy was leaving for work. we were all saying good-bye, love you, hugs and kisses. Then she blurts it out.

Abigail Ventura

Ok, I think we need to DNA test abbie and Ace Ventura. Maybe i had a wild night with Nick Notle and Jim Carry and dont remeber any of it, LOL.

Go Razorbacks!!

Ok, Matthew doesnt know pink is for girls, blue is for boys, girls play with dolls and boys play with trucks. He also doesnt know that girls wear dresses and boys dont. :) He put this on today and went on with his day. after this outfit he had purple pants and a pink top..........
So Mamabear while Gman is the linebacker on the Razorbacks Matthew will be cheering him on!!
Daddy hasnt seen this pic and im sure he will DIE when he sees it. Just think ahead, High School and matthew is failing a class.... all i have to do is tell him to pick the grade up or a publish the pic, lol.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Light a candle

For King JuJu

email blogger

Did you know you can email posts directly onto your blog?? Thats how i did this one. I never knew until today

Happy Halloween

Every night when we go to bed Matthew says, " I love you Mommy, Happy Halloween" :)

Im not the only one!, LOL

Remember when I gave Matthew a mohawk?? well im not the only one out there making my kid look like Chuck Lidell read the discription of the photo. LOL. Im thinking if i can make the costume warm he'll be the Ice Man for Holloween.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Has gone home :( . A little bit ago i got the email. Today is the 19th. Two months ago i wrote about the 19th. I didnt know Julian then and I dont know why he is tied to the 19th. I do know i fell in love with that little boy the minute i saw him. I am so sad for his momma. So Juju, go run, play, laugh, breathe, sing, giggle to your little hearts content.

My haircut!!

Did you notice my haircut in the pics below?? "D" did a great job!! ETA- im adding the pics here..

Just love the look on my face, poor AJ.

Friday, January 18, 2008


for Abigail. We went out to Outback Steak House with Ashley, Jason and Lily and then went to the mall to get the girls ears peirced. Abbie was SCREAMING right off the bat. So we tried to get the marks on the lobes and they were so off and thats as far as we got. Now i must say the girl doing it was super slow.

Abbie was already crying and we just got there

here she was cleanig her ears

Now trying to put the marks on

Now here is sweet, patient & calm Lily :)

Not bothered by any of it

She was such a trooper

and didnt cry until AFTER they where done

Her earings are adorable

Now when we leaving the mall they guys were walking ahead of us and Ben had Abigail and she was looking over his shoulder. Ashley and i were talking about her about getting the ears peirced and she smile a wicked smile!! let me tell you i now believe she knew what was going to happen and threw a fit because of it and then smiled about it!!!!!!!!!

On the edge

Kaitlen found one of my necklaces and i put it on her. SHe had it on and off today. So she comes over and asks me to put it back on. Youre suppose to clasp it so some change dangles down the back of your neck but she tells me to put it on the edge...
Me- but its suppose to dangle some
K- Mom, on the edge
Me- ok, ok
K- make sure you put it on the edge
Me- Is that how your going to live you life [on the edge ;)]
K- yea!! (duh)
And i dont doubt her, lol

Julians care page

oh, im a wreck. There is just something about that little boy. I wait every night for his mom to update. Im afraid to read that he has passed. Then when i read he's still hanging on and I ache for his mom. :( How one day she cant touch his skin or breathe his breath. I don't want him to pass peacefully, i want God to heal him.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

quick update

My dads surgery went great!!

I took Beau to the vet today to have them do his ears because he fought me so bad. They cleaned him up and he goes back in two weeks for another treatment.

10 year anniversary

10 years ago today Ben and I eloped in Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, my family knew, but his didn't. It doesnt even seem like 10 yrs, where did they go. So, we have had 4 kids since we married (4 kids in 8 yrs). We moved from sunny S.Ca to a 4 season NWA (where is the snow this yr!!! >:/ ) We went from vacationing in Arkansas to vacationing in Ca, LOL. We have lost alot of loved ones in those 10 yrs, actually in just these last 5 yrs. we have gone through a couple cars. The '97 F350 crew cab truck, i miss that truck. then the '03expedition. I miss the expedition too, lol. Now we have the '07 burb and as you know im not fond of the burb. we still have our 97 escort :) and i kid you not it still smells the same inside as the day i got it. (or maybe its just me). It has been a great 10 yrs. I love him more and more everyday. Here's to the next 10 years, may they come slower than the first.
I'll scan a pic later.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Dad

will be have surgery tomorrow for his carotid artery. He has had a quadruple bypass before plus the arteries in his legs and now its his Lt carotid artery. This was scheduled and not emergency so that's good. Keep him in your prayers please.

Beau update

He has ear mites!!!! DUH! ok, none of my animals have had that before. So that means he's had them since i got him. Thats a long time. I had made him a vet appt (i was right my vet doesnt see small animals. i said, oh hes not small, he's 18#s, lol) anyway she asked the doc and he said he'd see him. Then........ ashley calls me with the hookup. She has a bunnypro friend and knew exactly what was wrong with Beau and mites Def make more sense to me than an ear inf.
let me say, Grody to the Max!!!!!!!!!!

were I lurk

I was over at mamabears and she had a post about a family she has been following so i though I'd share some of the people I have been following too.

1) is Julian. This sweet little boy just stole my heart when i saw his pic. I warn you you will cry. Go to and type in juliansworld (all one word) Please pray for him and his family. I just found his care page a week ago.

2) Is Landen. I followed him on the adoption board at ivillage. His mom finally started a care page. so for info from before his carepage go do a search on IV adoption board. I warn you once you start lurking on the adoption board you will never leave. His care page is superlanden (because he is)

3) Next is Leo. The absolutely most beautiful baby boy you'll ever see. I found him on the Feb playgroup in Ivillage. His care page is carepageforleo

last is Naomi Hensley, she past away 11-20-07. Here is her moms myspace she also has a thing at cafemom. thats were i found her.

poor girl

this is how our weaning is going :( she comes up to me crying and heartbroken.

Here is Beau

See his piece of Pop Tart, bad mommy!!!!

Poor Beau

Beau has been acting strange, not my normal bunny. I was thinking what did i do why is he acting mad???? so while sharing a pop tart with my fuzzywuzzy i notice a soar in his ear. He had been scratching at the inside of his ear. So i look further in and he has a total ear infection!!! I feel horrible. Rabbits go down hill fast when sick so i hope he'll be fine. I have to call the vet 1st thing in the morning. (i had hoped to sleep in) you know what, i hope my vet sees rabbits and doesnt consider him exotic (gulp) He has hunting dogs so maybe he hunts rabbits. Isn't weird that my vet who save animals also goes hunting and kills animals????
I'll update on Beau as soon as i can.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the day after

The first night of no nursing. My boobs are saying Abigail needs to nurse. :P. So i am thinking for the next 3 days that I'll nurse once in the AM and once in the PM. So the whole supply and demand thing can do its job without me getting a blockage or something. then cut done to once a day and then no more. So Sunday we should be all weaned. I hope she doesnt get mad or sad. poor baby. She loves her boobies. I certanly wont miss these things, dang i hope i get my "B"s back.

Let the weaning begin!!!

Ben is taking Abbie tonight. They are sleeping in Cody's room. I gave Abbie a kiss and handed Ben a bottle and off they went. I hope it goes smooth. Last night she actually slept all night BUT i couldn't get her down until 2:10am, so does it really count. I'm guessing no.
well that was short lived, they are out of the room.
oh, he just totally irritated me, i hope shes up all night.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I am so proud of him. He is reading at a 5.7, thats a 5th grader at the end of the 7th month. He is in 2nd grade. Plus straight A's.
Go Cody!!

who wants to

Take care of Beau bunny while im gone when that time comes??? I havent talked to our vet to see if they will watch the rabbit, but since we dont know when that call will come and if its on the weekend then it would be better to leave beau with someone untill the vet opens. We live down the road from our vet but i really dont think they take pets home so i wont even ask to drop him there on the weekend. Our vet is in Farmington. We have the dogs taken care of and Tiki will be fine, i can set her cage up to last for a long time. So you can keep beau until the vet can take him or you can keep him the whole time its up to you. ok, so only two of my readers live locally, so Ashley or Sheryl if you want bunny patrol its yours!!! He will come with cage, playpen, potty, food and stuff for his potty and a water bottle. he can eat stuff that you would put in your salad NO ICEBURG LETTUCE, but he can have spinach, carrots, celery that kind of stuff, oh he can have a couple of raisins a day. I am really bad. He likes bread, stale hard bread and i give it to him. So and old buscuit or old french bread. One time i even put a hotdog bun in the oven to get it hard so he could have it. i know, shame on me.

Run for the innocent

I made two banners for Jessica. I didnt ask permission so I hope its all right. Maybe i'll message Tom Bassano later JIC. They are similar just a tad different, i wish i was really good at this stuff so i could make a real nice one. Any way you can snag one and link it back to run for the innocent

Changed it!!!

ok, this is much better and took me no time at all to do it!! yea.


Our pit for 11 years is going to have to be put down. He has a tumor and its effecting his eating and walking, he's loosing weight. Ben found him in an alley when he was a puppy some lady was kicking him away from her so Ben took him. He brought him to my work to show me him :). we lived in an appt at the time so he stayed with Bens mom and Dad, well you know how that goes. They claimed him as theirs and we got him back after Bill had passed away. PJ and Bessie loved each other they would call to eachother back in Ca. We bought the house across from Bens parents so they saw each other all the time. Bessie passed in Aug and now Pj will be going. :( PJ is the last of our Ca connection. Ben will take him sometime this week.


ok, i have spent waaaaaaaay to much time trying to customize my blog. I'd be happy if the header wasnt fuzzy but i didnt take the pic, i snagged it off the net and it doesnt have a high resolution. maybe i need to go to a game this football season and take my own pic???? Maybe when they play USC :))))

Thursday, January 10, 2008

abbie and nick


I entered, a while back, to win a Rainbow play set for the kids. I only kinda remember doing it. I am guessing i did it on Gerbers website. Not sure.

I got 1st place (not Grand prize, darn!) which is this nifty little sling backpack with a sippy and Gerber food and snacks PLUS a 50$ American Express gift cheque!!!!!!!. the funny thing is i have been meaning to get Abbie that very same sippy. I have a coupon for it in the car, lol.

I mean seriously, does ANYONE ever win any of the contests. i always wonder. Now i know!!!!!!!!


Abigail and Nick Nolte, bad hair days. Atleast Abbies is from pigtails. I dont think nick had pigtails in, but he could have.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jan 18th

We are going to do it!!(gulp) Abigail and Lily will be getting their ears pierced together!! i'm predicting Lily will be tough and not shed a tear and Abbie will scream her little head off.

I got it

It looks 10Xs better in person it loses its bling in the picture :)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Tina's Dog

ok, my sisters dogs "talk" and he is saying. "Holy shitzers, it's cold here"

Matthew scissorhands

up to the minute news

Ok, our life changes so fast around here. I feel like the news station with "late breaking". Ben IS NOT going to midnights another Sgt would of had to go to Bens sift 3-11 and his wife says oh, uh-no, your not going to 3-11's your going to midnights. He has seniority so he bumped Ben on the midnights. (never mind they want BEN to straighten the shift out) but hey, policy is policy, so hey, bump Ben.
In the short time we thought he was going to EM shift we actually had our restuctured plan. Shift change uproots your whole family/life routine. Ben would be home for dinner, could see Kaitlen play T-ball this year. It'll be her first year. He'd have to sleep in the day. in Codys room (its pitch black in there) my work schedule changes around his. His days off would of been Fri Sat. plus a handful of other little things that you take into account. We had it worked out and thennnnnnnn NOPE. so back to "normal"
If you can't tell im so "done" with Bens dept. He likes it there and thats what what matters. Me personally, think they should pitch a colorful tent and hang a sign that says Ringling Bros Circus. :)

Ashley, come get YOUR son!!!

Stupid me i left my scissors on my dresser and my scissor magnet found them. He was very proud of his hair cut. Yes, it looks that bad in person. So today i'll be buzzing his hair off. Thankfully its 73° out today. (whats up wit this weather??)
I was going to grow his hair out, but i guess not, lol

Saturday, January 05, 2008


You can order this on a shirt and i laughed when i saw it because last yr we signed Cody up for boy scouts and the first night when all the parents were there to go over everything Ben had seen several dads that he had arrested before. hmmm, nice huh.


no more Time Lady!!!!!! i was thinking i need to call the time lady to find out what time it is because all the clocks in my house are off and there is a huge gap in difference between some of them so i dont know what to go by. Even my car clock is wrong. So i go to look up the time ladys number and i read she is GONE :( now what, lol.

Friday, January 04, 2008

ok, a Matthew funny

Because we can all use a matthew funny.
So i'm getting out of the shower today and Matthew asks if he can have a soda. i tell him No and he proceeds to say Yea!!!!!!! ( ok, he wasnt listening to me, lol) so he goes under his bed were he has been stashing Bens sodas!!!!!! to get a soda. WTH!!! what am i going to do with this child. Pepsi needs to put Matthew on there can.


my lifes never boring. Turns out my husband runs such a tight ship at work that they have asked him to go to midnights to straighten them out. So the next 3 months are going to be fun. We as a law enforcement family (12 yrs of law enforcement)have paid our dues for midnights....... Ben for almost 5 yrs there has gave, gave, gave. They better start doing a little giving. Maybe the higher ups need to be hard asses instead of relying on Ben or better yet put Ben in a higher up position and watch the ball roll. He'll whip that department into shape. If they want to run like an actual PD Ben could make them one.

Little Abbie jo

I had to go and order her a new pair of Robeez. The poor girl has short fat feet that she cant wear regular shoes. So they are pink again, just a bigger size. i went with a used pair on eBay because she definitly puts a hurtin on her shoes no need to start off with brand spankin new ones. Thankfully only one person bid against me and didnt go over my max. These will definitly take her all the way through winter and spring. what a deal. Yea.

2 years ago today

Betty Jo Velasco

The last pictures we have of her.

The last day i saw her was Dec 26th 2005. We left her house and i really didnt want to go. We were having such a good visit. We waved going down the drive and then waved go down the road. Cody did get to talk to her on the phone. She wanted to tell him that she got him the PSP handheld. She never got to give it to him, but he did get it.


Betty was killed in a car crash. A solo vehical crash that she was the passenger. The driver survived.

It feels like forever ago that i got the call from Ben, but then i look over to were i was sitting at the time and it is as clear as yesterday. 2 yrs later and its still not easier.

Whittier daily news
i have never googled betty and not sure why i did tonight but i was surprised that i had a hit.

here is yr #1

Jones Soda

I was just looking at their gallery and what catches my eye?????? someo one from WESTMINSTER, CA posted a pic. it wasnt a great pic but i gave her a 10 for being from my hometown, lol!!