Monday, January 07, 2008

up to the minute news

Ok, our life changes so fast around here. I feel like the news station with "late breaking". Ben IS NOT going to midnights another Sgt would of had to go to Bens sift 3-11 and his wife says oh, uh-no, your not going to 3-11's your going to midnights. He has seniority so he bumped Ben on the midnights. (never mind they want BEN to straighten the shift out) but hey, policy is policy, so hey, bump Ben.
In the short time we thought he was going to EM shift we actually had our restuctured plan. Shift change uproots your whole family/life routine. Ben would be home for dinner, could see Kaitlen play T-ball this year. It'll be her first year. He'd have to sleep in the day. in Codys room (its pitch black in there) my work schedule changes around his. His days off would of been Fri Sat. plus a handful of other little things that you take into account. We had it worked out and thennnnnnnn NOPE. so back to "normal"
If you can't tell im so "done" with Bens dept. He likes it there and thats what what matters. Me personally, think they should pitch a colorful tent and hang a sign that says Ringling Bros Circus. :)


Patty said...

Oh my oh my sounds so familiar, just like Jerry's shop when we lived in the UK

Lisa said...

its frustrating isn't it.