Thursday, January 17, 2008

10 year anniversary

10 years ago today Ben and I eloped in Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, my family knew, but his didn't. It doesnt even seem like 10 yrs, where did they go. So, we have had 4 kids since we married (4 kids in 8 yrs). We moved from sunny S.Ca to a 4 season NWA (where is the snow this yr!!! >:/ ) We went from vacationing in Arkansas to vacationing in Ca, LOL. We have lost alot of loved ones in those 10 yrs, actually in just these last 5 yrs. we have gone through a couple cars. The '97 F350 crew cab truck, i miss that truck. then the '03expedition. I miss the expedition too, lol. Now we have the '07 burb and as you know im not fond of the burb. we still have our 97 escort :) and i kid you not it still smells the same inside as the day i got it. (or maybe its just me). It has been a great 10 yrs. I love him more and more everyday. Here's to the next 10 years, may they come slower than the first.
I'll scan a pic later.


Ashley Hester said...

Congrats Lisa and ben! May you be as happy as the day you were married for the rest of your lives!

Auntie Tina said...

Happy Anniversary! can you imagine if i counted all the cars Brian and i have had in 13years. I think its 20!