Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Only nursed once today. Not buy her choice though. Bens in the other room trying to get her to sleep. So over the next couple days should be it. I found a milk she'll drink, Vitamite. Its basically a white liquid with all the vitamins and fat in it. She will only use the playtex dome nipples with this purple cup. Thomas put it together and she liked it. They dont even match but they fit. Its a Gerber Sippy cup with the playtex ring and nipple, and they fit. Its purple and i wonder if thats why she likes it. so i am going to have to go get another purple gerber cup so she'll have atleast two instead of the one. I have a ton of playtex bottles but doesnt really drink it when its the bottle. She is weird and picky.

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Ashley Hester said...

Congrats!! :) It won't be long!

Then more tests UGH! Let me know if you need anything girl!