Wednesday, January 16, 2008

were I lurk

I was over at mamabears and she had a post about a family she has been following so i though I'd share some of the people I have been following too.

1) is Julian. This sweet little boy just stole my heart when i saw his pic. I warn you you will cry. Go to and type in juliansworld (all one word) Please pray for him and his family. I just found his care page a week ago.

2) Is Landen. I followed him on the adoption board at ivillage. His mom finally started a care page. so for info from before his carepage go do a search on IV adoption board. I warn you once you start lurking on the adoption board you will never leave. His care page is superlanden (because he is)

3) Next is Leo. The absolutely most beautiful baby boy you'll ever see. I found him on the Feb playgroup in Ivillage. His care page is carepageforleo

last is Naomi Hensley, she past away 11-20-07. Here is her moms myspace she also has a thing at cafemom. thats were i found her.


Patty said...

Hey Lisa, check out and keep Nathan, Trisha, and Gwyneth in your thoughts and prayers for me. :) I lurk on the ones you listed as well.

MamaBear said...

Lisa, Thanks for posting this ... I can't wait to check out the pages you've been lurking on. There's something about following a real-life story that is more addictive to me than a good TV show. I find myself during the way when I'm away from home wishing I had my computer and a wireless connection so I can check blogs ...

Sorry to hear about your bunny mites. Hopefully, you'll get them cleared up soon.

Still praying for your mom and all of you ...