Monday, February 26, 2007

Abigail and Lily Mae

Abigail and Lily had a play date!!! Abigail love Lily i swear she was going to eat her. As soon as we put Lily by Abbie she went for her. Lily slept through the whole thing. She's a sweetie.
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Saturday, February 24, 2007


On Thursday I'm Scheduled for a breast ultrasound and mammogram. I'm scheduled for both but will only get the mammo if they need to. I guess if they see something with the ultz (or don't see something). I've had pain in my left Axillary for a yr now and they did an ultz back in june which showed the pain is being caused by a lymphnode, though it measured normal and not enlarged or anything. I would really like to have it biopsied just to know what is going on with it but we'll see what they decide. I left the orders in the car but they checked the diagnostic mammo with work up (not the screening mammo) hope that doesnt mean squish the boobs even flatter, lol. Boy, i really hope they skip the mammo because with the breast milk they are tender enough. They said to nurse before i go in, but Abigail hardly ever emptys my breast let alone both. Bens a little freaked out, but i keep telling him not to worry. I'll let you know what i find out on Thursday.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Abigails Easter dress :o(

Got an email from Old Navy that they are out of it. I hope they carry it at the store. I just don't know when I'll get a chance to go to the store. Sheryl and Ashley if you happen to be going to old navy any time soon, take a peek for me please. Wonder if there is one floating around ebay?????

bedroom set

We still have unused area in the room it would be a perfect spot for a comfy reading chair. im not sure what im going to do yet. The bathroom is still NOT done. we were told it would be done today. I will be shocked if they finish it.

Kaitlen reading to Abigail

Thursday, February 22, 2007

AJ is 3 months old

She is growing up fast. Today i had a Dr. appt so i put her on the scale there and she was 14.8# with her clothes on so probably 14ish #'s. She can roll from front to back, loves her swing, likes to eat her hands, wakes about twice a night, loves her pink little blanket that i bought when i was pg with Matthew( i bought a blue and a pink since i didnt know what we were having) and she loves her pink blanky. She smiles as soon as she wakes up and then normally farts..... ahhh, such a lady........... sorry no pic of the Princess, i didnt take any today and she's sleeping in her swing and really how many pics can i take of her in the swing??????? i'll take some tomorrow.

Kaitlen and Abigails Easter dresses

I ordered these from Old Navy, so cute. I saw some pretty spring sweaters at walmart that would go good with these.

Monday, February 19, 2007

could not resist

You can totally tell that Abigail is a kid that will enjoy food so tonight at dinner she was fussy so i held her while i ate. I had way over cooked the broccoli and gave her some of it mushed between my fingers. Lets just say, if she had teeth I'd be missing fingers.


When you can't suck you thumb i guess you go find sissy's paci.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gotta love this

ICD9 code V69.4, Lack of adequate sleep. oh, Sheryl you no longer qualify as a v69.4'er since your sleep-a-thon ;o)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

misc pics

Do i have boogies in my nose?

shhh, don't tell ben we let Jack in the house....
the kids totally babied him, lol

Had to cut K's hair. She had gum in it and it made her look like she had a dreadlock.

Valentines Day

We went to Codys party at school. The kids always love this.

Kaitlen has a blast with all the other girls and has no problems fitting in. One of the moms asked who wants more whipped cream?.. Raise your hands..

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hope it works

Kaitlen started sucking her thumb back in April and it is way out of control. So i bought Thumb, a nail polish that you put on that tastes nasty and they are supose to stop sucking their thumb ---- not nasty enough for Kaitlen she would just quickly suck it off her thumb and then continue with sucking her thum. So i did a search and found a different brand called Mavala Stop which had some great reviews. It arrived today and i really hope it works. I've seen these plastic thumb gaurds that cost 60$ each which i cannot see how they would charge that much for something that cost then 5 cents to make. Lets remember most kids have two thumbs thats 120$ plus if your child sucks other fingers, yep they make them for fingers too. I think i would splint her thumbs for under 10$ at the first-aid isle at wal-mart.
wish us luck!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

A link on my blog

When i put this template in it already had two links in it and i assumed they led to the designers others designs. Well they didnt, i just now clicked on them and one of them just wasn't the nicest links so im sorry if anyone else clicked on them and was offended (or shocked) because i was.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007


This was Abbie yesterday. i grabbed my camera so i wouldnt forget it for when we went to see lily so of course i took a couple shots of Aj and forgot to take the camera with me.

Hanging with Thomas while i got some stuff done. They were actually looking through a magazine.

The room

The room is almost done. They could have been done probably 2 weeks ago but it seems they are somehow going as slow as humanly possible. I will give him credit, he does a good job.

The hall

The Tub, i guess the vac gets to take the first bath??


the room from both sides

The closet

Ben and the kids

Saturday, February 10, 2007


never thought about having my teen make dinner, but i have let him these last two nights and the house is still standing, lol
He's doing pretty good. Just basic kid friendly meals. rice o roni, meat you just throw in the oven. stuff like that, but still helpful. YEA for me.

Betty's Flowers

are back on her grave. Im thankful they did the right thing, sad that they would do it in the first place.

Saw Miss Lily Mae today!!!!

OMGoodness she is a cutie!! She has a cute head of hair. Her hands were perfect and of course a cute little face. Ben said she looked like her daddy but i saw mommy too. Congratulations Ashley and Jason.
I forgot my camera so everyone go hop over to Ashleys blog, hopefully she'll have some pictures up soon.