Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hope it works

Kaitlen started sucking her thumb back in April and it is way out of control. So i bought Thumb, a nail polish that you put on that tastes nasty and they are supose to stop sucking their thumb ---- not nasty enough for Kaitlen she would just quickly suck it off her thumb and then continue with sucking her thum. So i did a search and found a different brand called Mavala Stop which had some great reviews. It arrived today and i really hope it works. I've seen these plastic thumb gaurds that cost 60$ each which i cannot see how they would charge that much for something that cost then 5 cents to make. Lets remember most kids have two thumbs thats 120$ plus if your child sucks other fingers, yep they make them for fingers too. I think i would splint her thumbs for under 10$ at the first-aid isle at wal-mart.
wish us luck!!!

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