Friday, February 02, 2007

The Deed is done

No more baby Velasco's for our house (atleast not untill we get Grandkids). We went today.The Dr's office opened up late from the weather. Ben didn't want me to go in with him. It seemed like it was forever before they were finished and came out and got me. The valuim they had gave him to take before the appt didn't do anything so he was given Phenergen and Demerol in an IV injection. So he was very tired when i went back there. The Dr was very nice and went over the after care stuff and handed me a vial with the two sections of vas defrens in it!!! So we have a trophy, lol. If you are at all curious as to what they look like you can click here , if not then don't click on it.
Ben is doing good and is sleeping off the meds. He has already told me once to stop babying him.


Ashley Hester said...

Aww poor guy!

On a side note: Lisa you are the only person I know that would take pics of that (whatever it is,I'm not sure still) and post it on your blog! LOL You're sooooo funny!

Anonymous said...

Tell Ben to do some shots of whiskey and he'll be good to go! I'll pass on the picture! T

Sheryl said...

You absolutely kill me, girl! You seriously are the ONLY chick I know who would take a picture of the vas and share it with the world. Just one more thing I love about you! LOL!

Lisa said...

Ben told me specifically to NOT put a pic on the computer.... Well he was drugged and couldn't stop me and i was nice and just put a link. He's a trooper. lol.