Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Going on a trip, in our favorite rocketship

OK, if you have kids you know were that title came from.
Since moving here, there are a couple fast food places that we actually miss. Actually there are alot of restuarants in Ca that they just don't have anything compairable here. So back to the fast food places since they are chains and reach almost to Arkansas. The two I'm talking about are Jack in the Box and Weinerschnitzel. We use to have Weinerschnitzel after every football game, yep, it was a little overkill but i could definitly go for some now and JITB monster tacos.... yum.... It just so happens that both of these place are located in Ok. One in Ok city and the other in Ada. I've been wanting to go back to OK City for a while now to go back to the memorial. We've been twice, but still havn't made it to the museum. It's quit an emotional place. The first time we went was one our way to Ar. for a vacation and we brought one of Bens LASD patches to put on the fence. I pinned it up next to a tiny toddler shoe, her shoe was white and her name was written on the side of it but faded from the sun. I'd like to go see her shoe again, hopefully her mom or dad has rewrittened her name so I know who she is. So i imagine this summer we will make a trip to OKC. I know i have taken a pic of the shoe, but this was way before we had digital and I'd have to dig the picture up. I know it's not in an album. I'll see if i can find it.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Matthew and Christians Birthday invite

We went with the football theme. The kids should have a blast. We are heading out of town for this. So it'll be like a mini vacation and birthday party.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bens Ghosts

I doubt any of you know that Ben sees ghosts. He actually sees them alot. Well, we were just mentioning it's been a while since he has seen any. *jinx* so he sees one tonight. I was looking up Mr noodle on the internet and he says "we just had a visitor" i looked at him and he pointed into the livingroom. I said oh, really (no big deal, it's about time right?) well ben says he's there again. the next thing i see Ben doing is holding his hand in a way to block his own veiw from the living room. I said what are you doing? He says well it making me sick to see him. I guess they were both kinda *peeking* in on each other. lol. I told Ben to tell it to go away, to leave. It doesnt know any better. I guess he didnt want to talk to it. But it's gone. There was no need for me to get up and look, because i wasn't going to beable to see it. One time i was walking behind Ben into the living room Ben shouts did you see that? and had goose bumps and hair on end, an orb had come straight at him and i totally didnt see it. Once he saw a littel girl in our room. there has been alot more stuff here, but he also saw stuff in Ca. Maybe one day I'll post most of his sightings.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

random pics

Cody was the catcher, he couldn't wait to be the catcher only to find out it is extremely hot with all that gear on.

Kaitlen and Matthew using someones skateboard

Matthew not wanting to take a picture

Kaitlen and Emily at Emilys birthday party, went to Precious Moments

Fountain at Precious Moments

MAtthew playing with his balloon

Basketball camp

Cody had basketball camp and really enjoyed it. Though he'll have wrestling during basketball season so i don't know how that'll work.

football camp

This is a couple pictures of Cody at football camp. They teach them the basics of football. It was pretty much all drills and then on the last day they had a kinda scrimage. Cody is wearing his cousins jersey. I actually miss La Mirada Football.

There was a down pour on the first day of camp and the boys went to the gym to finish up practice, but Kaitlen danced in the rain.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Won tickets to...

The great passion play, bible museum and sacred art center in Eureka springs. It's free admission for 2, wonder if kids are free or do we bring auntie and uncle with us and they can babysit while Ben and I spent time together. Plus we won free admission for a family of 4 to the national park aquarium in Hot Springs. oh, can't forget we also got free kids admission to the Arkansas air museum. Sounds like we are going to have a fun summer. Bens work put on an event they do every year called Discovering Safety. Well you enter your name in a drawing and with as many people that are in our family we ended up with a couple of the prizes. I think he actually drew more of our names because ben said he laughed and threw the ticket back in and drew someone else.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cody's Kindergarten graduation

I forgot to post cody's graduation pictures. We thought he was going to have a gown too, but thats ok. After the graduation they had a pizza party in his class. Kaitlen and Matthew love to participate in his classroom activities. Kaitlen actually fits in really well with the kids and is the same hight as one of the girls. I think she'll be really excited about going to K when that time comes.

Monday, June 05, 2006

House struck by lightening

Well first thing this morning i got online to check my email and cody had started playing his xbox360 and there was thunder rolling but i didnt think nothing of it, just figured the lightening was shooting from cloud to cloud. Well there is this loud noise and the house gets hit by lightening and huge static shock comes through the computer and gets me while at the same time it goes through codys video system and through the controller and shocks his hand. All this happens at the same time, the noise, the strike, and it going through the computer and game. it also went throught the big tv. even though cody was playing his game he had the cord all the way stretched to were he was in front of the tv, so he could have gotten some from the tv too. i couldnt tell you were i was struck at, i was so worried about cody and when he was ok i though well forsure the house is on fire. it wasnt :o) but our phones were down. so i went to the car and can i say yeah for having onstar!!!! i called ben through onstar and told him what happened and ofcourse i start crying since the kids were in the house and couldnt see me. my nerves were shot for the rest of the day especially when i would think about how bad it could have been. i couldnt tell you how many times our house has been hit by lightening, you'd think it would prefer the enormouse rod instead of our house........ then this afternoon was my f/u appt with my dr for the breast ultrasound and he turned it into an OB appt............... I'll post the appt over in the 'my pregnancy' blog

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Breast ultrasound

I had my breast ultra sound today. Let me just say it was amazing to see the inside of my breast on ultrasound. After the tech did the ultrasound she went and showed the pictures to the radiologist and said that he'd probably come in and he did. he went over the areas that i had told him that were bothering me and it turns out that the pain in my axillary is a lymphnode, But the lymphnode measures and looks very normal. and there is nothing that shows a reason for the breast pain and he had said that 99% of the time there is no known reason for breast pain and that if he had a dollar everytime he had a patient with unexplained breast pain that he'd be living at the fishing hole. He's says the next step is up to my Dr but that he would just recommend having follow ups on the lymphnode to make sure it doesnt inlarge and if it does then to do a biopsy, but he says nothing looks alarming or like any cancer. So good news all around. The tech did say that horomones can cause breast pain. So going from one pg to breast feeding to another pg and breast feeding to another pg (and will breast feed) and no break in between, i imagine that could be behind some of this. I F/U with my Dr on the 5th