Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Going on a trip, in our favorite rocketship

OK, if you have kids you know were that title came from.
Since moving here, there are a couple fast food places that we actually miss. Actually there are alot of restuarants in Ca that they just don't have anything compairable here. So back to the fast food places since they are chains and reach almost to Arkansas. The two I'm talking about are Jack in the Box and Weinerschnitzel. We use to have Weinerschnitzel after every football game, yep, it was a little overkill but i could definitly go for some now and JITB monster tacos.... yum.... It just so happens that both of these place are located in Ok. One in Ok city and the other in Ada. I've been wanting to go back to OK City for a while now to go back to the memorial. We've been twice, but still havn't made it to the museum. It's quit an emotional place. The first time we went was one our way to Ar. for a vacation and we brought one of Bens LASD patches to put on the fence. I pinned it up next to a tiny toddler shoe, her shoe was white and her name was written on the side of it but faded from the sun. I'd like to go see her shoe again, hopefully her mom or dad has rewrittened her name so I know who she is. So i imagine this summer we will make a trip to OKC. I know i have taken a pic of the shoe, but this was way before we had digital and I'd have to dig the picture up. I know it's not in an album. I'll see if i can find it.


Anonymous said...

I want Del Taco ~~ Tina

Lisa said...

well i looked up Del Taco, http://www.deltaco.com/ and you have 4 in OR and 2 in Wa. I think you need to go on a trip.

Lisa said...

we have some in Mo. We might be going to Mo. too. Mo also has JITB, but no weinerschnitzel