Monday, June 05, 2006

House struck by lightening

Well first thing this morning i got online to check my email and cody had started playing his xbox360 and there was thunder rolling but i didnt think nothing of it, just figured the lightening was shooting from cloud to cloud. Well there is this loud noise and the house gets hit by lightening and huge static shock comes through the computer and gets me while at the same time it goes through codys video system and through the controller and shocks his hand. All this happens at the same time, the noise, the strike, and it going through the computer and game. it also went throught the big tv. even though cody was playing his game he had the cord all the way stretched to were he was in front of the tv, so he could have gotten some from the tv too. i couldnt tell you were i was struck at, i was so worried about cody and when he was ok i though well forsure the house is on fire. it wasnt :o) but our phones were down. so i went to the car and can i say yeah for having onstar!!!! i called ben through onstar and told him what happened and ofcourse i start crying since the kids were in the house and couldnt see me. my nerves were shot for the rest of the day especially when i would think about how bad it could have been. i couldnt tell you how many times our house has been hit by lightening, you'd think it would prefer the enormouse rod instead of our house........ then this afternoon was my f/u appt with my dr for the breast ultrasound and he turned it into an OB appt............... I'll post the appt over in the 'my pregnancy' blog

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