Monday, June 30, 2008

The lacey rash

its really hard to see in pics. you can click on the pic
this ones a little easier too see
yeah, he was smelling his pits.
I know this is called a childhood illness but it has been easier than any common cold my kids have ever had.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

5th Disease

Im putting my mommy Dr hat on and Dxing Matthew with 5th disease. I don't remember him having cold like symptoms but by day 2 of his slapped face appearance i was suspicious and by day 4 pretty much certain. Today his cheeky rash is pretty much gone and he should get a body rash.

Today Abigail has a cold with a low grade fever. (she is also getting molars in) If she had caught it from Matthew she will eventually get those red cheeks. The good thing is it's not contagious once the rash appears. We should be good by Matthews party.

The rash was much redder than the picture shows. I put ointment on them they were looking angry.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hot Flashes

WTHeck!! Im not liking this at all. Dang, i hope its from the vicodin or my weird late period. AF came today, but i've been having hotflashes for several days. Not liking it at all.


reading a book

That i'm in!! Actually, ben the kids and i are in. All our names are different in the book except Matthew is William and that is his actual first name. Bens character goes by Bens middle name todd, but other than that our names are different. The characters will have our personalitly though. I am proof reading and it is very good. It's quite aways from being finished but its already so good!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

where's my period??

It was suppose to come Tues. The day after surgery. Im like clockwork, it should have been Tues Evening. Here we are thurs and nothing. It was suppose to be Tina(mon), me (tues)then Ashley(wed). Well tina and ash started, I have not. Where did it go? I was only a day away from having it, lol. Will it hit all of a sudden or am i going to skip it. hmmmmmmmm, we'll see what happens.
eta- AF has arrived 6/28

Walmart, not a good idea

The other Walmart is getting rid of there fabric section so i have Ben take me to get some good deals. There wasn't much left when i was there but i got a couple things and we got the kids summer shoes. By the the end of the shopping spree i was getting tired so i wait on Ben. Afterward we drop Thomas at his local mission thing and i hadn't ate all day so i suggest some Mexican. I'll get Matthew his favorite and split it with him. It was good and i def needed food. After that we swing by Ashley's and visit. I was oh so tired by then. we get home at 7 and i get my ice pack and slept till 11. Everyone was in bed by then so i redo my icepack and go back to bed until now. 4 hours of out and about wiped me out, lol.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Since i didnt get gallstone pics

I thought i'd post the pic i had ben take while waiting for the Dr.

And am braving showing you my fat stomach so you can see what they did. Sorry about the blood. this was before i cleaned it up

And since i dont have a pic of my gallstone i am showing you a golfball so you get an idea. My dr said it was the size of a golf ball and i looked up the average size of a golf ball and it says, " golf ball must be at least 1.680 inches or 42.67 millimeters "

Things Ive noticed

  • Gas bubbles hurt and are not fun to pass
  • hiccups hurt more than gas bubbles
  • vicodin makes me itchy
  • vicodin gives me insomnia
  • vicodin also makes me not feel that i woke up around 20times last night for no reason
  • my kids are sweeties

Cody just made me scrammbled eggs seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic salt, seasoning salt and soy sauce. not to bad just really salty.

Kaitlen brought me coffee and Matthew brought me apple juice.


Monday, June 23, 2008


sorry Sheryl for making you wait.
Surgery went perfect except for his camera didnt work so no pics. He had every intention on getting me awesome pics. One Gallstone was the size of a golf ball. I wish he would have saved it for me.
I have always had an outtie belly button. a perfect, cute outtie and he went ahead and fixed the hernia there too.
Vicodin is doing nothing for me. i think Motrin is working better for me. I'm wondering if i have more pain from have two procedures or this is how it normally is. It feels like im in a full blown gallbladder attack, lol.

more tomorrow....................

heading out soon

We will be heading out soon for my surgery I will update as soon as i can!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

old pics

Our Nana sent us doll heads with long braids for Christmas one year. They were barette holders. They freaked us out so we hung them in the closet. Thats Tinas I hate love it look.

Im pretty sure dad still has this sweat outfit Me on Dereks bed. that was a comfy blanket. love the burnt orange blinds??? lol

Dad, Phil and Roger

Benjis birthday party. We made him a microwave cake!! Chocolate. thankfully he didnt die.

Our Carebear jammies.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kaitlen praying at VBS


Some links from Mimi

“REACH THE DAY – Conquer Childhood Cancer” Event Sunday thru Tuesday, June 22 -24, 2008“Reach the Day” seeks to impact our Members of Congress, in order to secure the critical funding to continue the research and clinical trials needed to cure childhood cancer. YOU CAN HELP!ATTEND AN EVENT Events information: WRITE A LETTER! Five minutes of your time can encourage your senators to pass historic legislation currently under consideration) for childhood cancer research funding. http://http// SIGN THIS PETITION! Think online petitions aren't effective? * This one can make an important impression on media, when deciding whether there is enough public interest for a story on Childhood Cancers. * Your signature shows the children & their families that you care. * Your email address will not be displayed to others. When a child is murdered, it’s on the news, & the community & government(s) rise up to locate & stop the killer. But, when a child dies of cancer…?? Please sign. People need to know. Research scientists have things they can develop; but the funding is not there! Media attention, governmental funding & action is needed NOW. HELP EXPOSE THE HIDDEN REALITIES OF CHILDHOOD CANCER The following video comes with cautions about not being suitable for viewing for children or at your workplace, etc. It contains images of children who’ve gone through cancer treatments, & died: Their pain, suffering, & the appearance-altering effects of treatments on them are obvious. There are photos of their caskets, memorials & gravesites. Some people may find this disturbing or even traumatic to view (& should use their discretion). Yet, hundreds & thousands of children, parents, siblings & others see this and SO much more - right before their very eyes - in their real lives, each & every day... & THEY cannot choose to simply not hit "play". The video is entitled, “Cancer's hell – ‘Angels’."It was put together by Mimi, the mother of 4 year old Julian. "King JuJu's" greatest wish was to celebrate his 5th birthday. He didn’t make it. None of the other beautiful, wonderful, amazing, heroic children in this video did, either. CLICK HERE for "Cancer's hell - 'Angels'" Video Still, these photos only represent the tip of the iceberg of the trauma & disturbing effects of the current cancer treatments inflicted upon so many children themselves (not to mention the parents, siblings, & others), without other viable life-saving options… And, these represent only a few of their many deaths: THREE THOUSAND EACH YEAR! Since the majority of these things take place beyond the eyes of the public, most of us are able to go about our lives blissfully unaware. Pass on or repost the above… &/or Mimi’s other two “Cancer’s hell (Still fighting)” videos: “Part 2”: “Part 3”: Or, make, post & pass on one of your own… or the many others available on YouTube or other sites. FORWARD (&/or POST) THIS-ALL! PLEASE COPY AND EMAIL THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW....ONLY TAKES A MINUTE...


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kaitlens tball party

kailten and her coach. Her trophy is so cute. The head actually bobbles.
The party was at the water park. Its really hard for me to take pics at the water park so these are the only ones i took. i have to keep my eye on matthew and abbie. Abbie will just jump in off the side. Shes a maniac.


Aiden Wilbanks

This morning one of Bens Co workers. She actually stopped working a couple months back to be with her son full time.
She lost her son this morning. We absolutely can not even begin to image her heartache. Please keep her, her husband and their older son in your thoughts and prayers.
This is a video that was put together of Aiden a couple months back.

Here is a poem that Mimi was sent and posted so I thought i'd share it here.

When Tomorrow starts without me
And I'm not here to see
If the sun should rise and find you eyes
All filled with tears for me

I wish so much you wouldn't cry
The way you did today
While thinking of the many things
We didnt get to say

I know how much you love me
As much as I love you
And each time that you think of me
I know you'll miss me too

But when tomorrow starts without me
Please try to understand
That an angel came and called my name
And took me by the hand

And said my place was ready
In heaven far above
And that I'd have to leave behind
All those I dearly love

But when I walked through heaven's gates
I felt so much at home
When God looked down and smiled at me
From his great golden throne

He said "This is eternity
and all I've promised you"
For life on earth is past
But here it starts a new

I promise no tomorrow
For today will always last
And since each day's the same way
There's no longing for the past

So when tomorrow starts without me
Don't think we're far apart
For every time you think of me
I'm right here in your heart.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday the 23rd

I go in and get my Gallbladder taken out. I have been having problems with it since January. I tried a couple gallbladder cleanses to get rid of the gallbladder stones and though i did pass a lot of stones it didn't get rid of them all and the results from my ultrasound showed at least one very large stone. So I'm tired of battling my gallbladder and it'll be gone on Monday. During my consult with the surgeon i forgot to ask about taking pics so monday i'll find out and i will share them here!!!

Codys invite

Cody wanted me to go ahead and make his invitation. He wants a Civil War party (yeah try searching that and see what you come up with, nothing!!) So i made the invite exactly as he wanted it even down to the wording. I took the place and time off of it.

For decoration im going to do a civil war scene centerpiece. I'll get American flag and Confederate flag bandanas for either place mat or napkins im not sure. Blue and Grey plates, cups, plastic ware. I know my local peeps can figure out where this will be at ;) For those not around her it will be at an actual civil war battle site. cool huh.

My boys will either have a confederate or union hat

and I'll make the girls a 1850s era dress. I think my peasant dress pattern with an apron and bonnet will work

I have until Sept to get it together :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

VBS kickoff

This was after we ate and before we headed to the water park. The kids practiced with the hula hoop. I didnt get any water park pics. I was in the water with them. Abigail had a blast. She was so funny. I put her on the ledge and started counting for her to jump and she counted to 5. I knew she could count to 2 and 3 but i didnt know she could count to 5.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

waiting out a storm

So we did hair. I did kaitlens and Abigail wanted me to do hers. Once i started she changed her mind but i didn't let her go. I finished it and showed her in the mirror and she was so excited!! lol. I tool pics and as soon as i was done she pulled them out.