Monday, April 30, 2007

Pics of my mom

Nana and Abigail

Mom and Lucie

Sheri, me, Mom, Tina, Jackie
Amber Cody Jackie Mom Thomas Abbie Marissa Kaitlen
Everyone waving when we left

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Mom called and she has started losing her hair. So Tina and I went in together and ordered mom some hats/scarves. The first one they call a beanie, we ordered 2 of those. One in pink and one in camel. This is the scarf, the exact same one on top of the photos. Here is the sleep cap we ordered too, got the cream one. Here is a little something that i though she'd like to hold on to, especially during chemo. She is real excited about the hats. I hope they don't take to long to get to her.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Whats up with my animals

First thing in the AM Bessie and Kessie escape and are gone. The famer down the road sees Ben looking for them and tells him theres a dead cow in a hole ( somewhere on there property) so we are guessing the dogs went to go find this cow. THen we get that horrible storm and i think they'll never come back. Oh Noooooo at 2:00 am today(wed) the farmer comes to our house to tell us he believes our dogs are on his porch. It wouldn't have been a problem except they were barking and stuff. Turns out they got themselves lost and scared. So we went and picked them up. Our neighbors are a mile away. We get home and get them put away and i come in change clothes and clean up and my bird freaks out in her cage and rips off 2 feathers and starts bleeding. So she is on my shoulder right now. I hope the bleeding has stopped because they can bleed out rather fast. Dare i ask what next???

Monday, April 23, 2007

Our new Puppy

Here's Sammy our new puppy. She is a 5 month old Rottweiler. We picked her up near Ft Smith on our way home :o) We went and looked at her the Wed before we left for my mom's. She is sweet. She stay right under you no matter what your doing, even dirty diapers.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

We are home.

We got home last night and i'm so tired. My body hurts. So today im going to lay around upload my pics and wait for my sister to get here. My sister Sheri and her family are driving back to Michigan. They left las Vegas yesterday. On there way out last week they stayed in Tulsa so they are going to stay at our house and leave on Tues.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Oh my she is a chunk. She just keeps growing. She's somewhere in the 17 # range. I just dont know the ounces. She is getting a ton of attention from all her Aunties and Nana. She can almost sit up on her own. she does it for a bit. She cant get her belly off the floor so i dont see her crawling anytime in the near future.


Boy, some days seem 'good', but when they are bad, there bad. You can go from a high high to a low low in almost a nanosecond. Definate emotional rollercoaster. It's very exhausting. so many feelings and i couldnt even begin to put it into words. I'm very very sad that I'm loosing my mom. we are planning to come back to my moms the 1st week in July, but she wants us to wait untill she moves to NC where my brother lives. She wants a huge family reunion. She even wants my dad there. They have been divorced for 21 yrs. I think if we can get the timing right they'd get remarried. (my moms husband left my mom last week, what a piece of &#@^#%@^@#&, but thats ok, it's better he's gone)

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Hi everyone!!! i have my sisters laptop- yea. mom is doing good. she does chemo once a week. her sideeffects are not that bad. All controlled by meds. She goes for her treatments once a week for 3 months. Tomorrow is her 3rd treatment. Keep her in your prayers