Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Our poor cat

She got locked under the house. Several days ago we noticed that the cover to under the house was off and I told Ben he needed to put it back on before a skunk gets under there and sprays. Then yesterday he said there is something under the house and he hears it every morning when he gets up. I thought shoot open it back up so it doesnt dye under the house. Thinking it was a wild animal. Well he forgot to open it back and about 10pm last night I got up to go to the bathroom and I hear a cat meowing. So I knew that the THING under the house was Wiggles the cat. She disappears for days at a time so her MIA was nothing to worry about, she wasnt missed. Poor thing, when Ben opened the cover she came right out.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hello Morning sickness

Actually morning, noon and night!!!!!! oh, this sucks. I was hoping to skip it this time around, what was i thinking. Ben is on his way to the natural foods store to get some homeopathic remedys and I really hope they work. I had tried everything under the sun with Matthew and nothing worked and the stuff I have tried this time already are not working so I'll go homeopathic and if it's a no go I will get an Rx from my Dr.. Being a man I hope he doesnt say,"have you tried crackers first thing when you wake up?"...... yes that was said to me about 5 months along with Matthew......... after that i quit saying i had morning sickness. lol. I like male Dr's, thats why i see them but there are just somethings they will never understand.. morning sickness, PMS, laborpains, pg pains.......... they can only pretend to understand.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Kaitlen says we are having a girl.........

Here's how she told me. I was putting her in her car seat, we were going to go to Wal-mart to get Cody baseball pants and i asked her if she wanted to get the baby something. Here's our conversation.

Me- you want to pick out something for the baby
K- yes, shes a girl
Me- really, you know it may not be a girl
K- it's not going to be a boy, it's a girl
Me- What makes you think it's going to be a girl
K- Because Nana told me

We didnt concieve this baby unitll almost 2 months after Betty passed away. Kaitlen really wants a sister, so she could just be throwing a bunch of stuff together or she can be talking to her Nana. :o)

Happy St. Patricks Day

The day were everyone is a wee bit Irish.....
May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies, quick to make friends; but rich or poor, quick or slow, may you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.—Traditional Irish toast

Funny story about Kaitlen

I totally forgot about this. Wed was Codys first day of T-Ball practice and the bathrooms were on the otherside of the park. Well, one of the boys had to go and he went on the otherside of a brick wall and while we were waiting for one of the moms to show up at the end of practice Cody had to go to the bathroom too. So we sent around to the otherside of the wall. Well Kaitlen follows him and we are trying to catch up with her so Code can have some privacy. So cody is done and it's time to go and we all starts walking to the parking lot and kaitlen is still over by the wall and we go back to get her and the girl had her pants down saying she had to go pee too. she was serious and we were laughing. poor girl thinks shes a boy....... She made it untill we got home

5 weeks!

We are 5 weeks pregnant today. Only 35 more to ok, maybe 34 or 33 more if they induce again. so exciting. Im still feeling good. No insomnia like i normally get. No morning sickness (knock on wood)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

This is funny

Ok i got this from Sheryl....... what you do is Google "your name needs" so Lisa needs, and here it is.

1) What Lisa needs in her kitchen.................. a Chef, full time! breakfast lunch and dinner.
2) Lisa needs braces................. ok, not really, but whatever
3) Lisa needs a tree........... actually i need 10 flippin trees to replace the ones the horses ate that we let these people use are property for free, and they starved the horses....... can we say 150,000 dollars in damage!!!!!!!!!!!
4) Lisa needs to post here............ ummm yeah, ok
5) Lisa needs a bigger grin............. LOL i dont know Ben and i are pretty much grinning ear to ear.
6) Lisa needs help............... Yes i do, lol

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We are pregnant!!!!!!!!

After just starting to try we got a BFP!!! I called ben at work to tell him and he was so excited. I wanted to wait and surprise him when he got home, but i felt like i was going to burst. We are due around Nov 17,2006. I don't feel pregnant and i'm enjoying that since i was so so sick with Matthew. I am crossing my fingers that the morning sickness is very mild to none....... im sure that is wishful thinking. YEA, WE'RE PREGNANT!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Tornado anyone?!?!?!?

Here is a picture of a tornado that touched down about 25 minutes north of us. In tornado terms thats far from us. Though an hour or so later one came through our little neck of the woods. It was no fun getting 4 kids up and to the most center part of our home.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Officially tick season!

And what a way to find out. Kaitlen just had a shower and we were getting ready to go to Bens brothers house and he has a 5 y/o daughter whom kaitlen just loves and Emily always has her hair done and i knew K would want me to do her hair too. One of the few times she lets me touch her hair. So i sprayed detangler in it and decided to use my fingers as a comb and i saw something brown on the top of her head. once i moved her hair out of the way i could see it was a tick and it was imbedded in her skin....uggg gross. So i told her to hold on she had a peice of dirt in her hair and i had to pull it out. The poor girl would have freaked if i told her she had a bug stuck in her head. She did say ouw when i pulled it out, but then was fine. now to treat the yard............

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I think M has the flu

hes really sick and is running a high fever. We took kaitlen to the dr on Tues because she was complaining about her ear and she did have an ear inf and the Dr checked Matthews ears too just in case and he was fine. It seems as soon as we left he started getting worse and then today high fever, and you can tell he's in pain and it's like he doesnt fall into a deep sleep and is constantly whining. the poor baby. so he is back to nursing untill he gets over this and then back to weaning the little fellow.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Ickie Sickies and Matthew weaning

We all have colds! I think i am over the worst of it. Matthew is in the middle of his, the poor boy gets sick while i'm trying to wean him. So not fair to him but i couldnt give in or that would create a whole host of problems with him. We are completely day time weaned (not that he's happy with it) and are still working on night time weaning. Half my fault he's still nursing at night. It's so easy to just give it to him so we can go back to sleep. Maybe Ben should take night patrol.... LOL. my goal is to be completely weaned by Wed. It's coming up pretty fast. Hopefully with him not nursing that it will stop the pain in my breast, it has actually gotten alot better just by cutting down to night time feedings. If i was making anywhere near as much milk as Matthew is now drinking then no wonder by breast was hurting. I follow up with my Dr. in 4-6 weeks and i think depending on how i feel if i have to get a mammo, oh yippie!!