Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hello Morning sickness

Actually morning, noon and night!!!!!! oh, this sucks. I was hoping to skip it this time around, what was i thinking. Ben is on his way to the natural foods store to get some homeopathic remedys and I really hope they work. I had tried everything under the sun with Matthew and nothing worked and the stuff I have tried this time already are not working so I'll go homeopathic and if it's a no go I will get an Rx from my Dr.. Being a man I hope he doesnt say,"have you tried crackers first thing when you wake up?"...... yes that was said to me about 5 months along with Matthew......... after that i quit saying i had morning sickness. lol. I like male Dr's, thats why i see them but there are just somethings they will never understand.. morning sickness, PMS, laborpains, pg pains.......... they can only pretend to understand.

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Kim (hannahsmomma2004) said...

YUCK! Hope the natural stuff works for you! HUGS!