Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Bedding

Here's our bedding. I ordered it today. I can't wait for it to come. I'm sure it'll look great in our room. Now we need a headboard. I don't want a foot board. I've been known to wiggle my way down to the foot of the bed to sleep when we end up with to many kids in the bed and i definitly don't want the hassle of a footboard. I'll hold off on shopping for one untill after the room is done. We are scheduled for the carpet people to come on the 7th, but our contractor told us to reshedule that for later. So who knows when it'll be done. They finished the painting today and tomorrow they will do the tile in the bathroom. I know the drywallers need to come out for something. They are the reason why this is taking so long. They wasted 2 weeks, you 'bout have to light a fire under there bums......... soon, hopefully soon.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fridays the day

That Ben gets the big V. Then no more babies for us. He's starting to get a little nervous. He's heard stories from both ends of the spectrum. From it's not bad at all to that it's really painful. I bet it doesnt come anywhere close to 5 pg, 5 labors and deliveries plus recovery. ;o) So we are planning on a nice relaxing weekend with lots of movies. The Superbowl is this weekend right? Well Sunday is already planned out. Maybe I'll make chili since we'll be missing the chili supper at church.

Matthew and Kaitlen

Boy, it doesn't stop. I believe Cody had the stomach thing that Matthew and Kaitlen had, but i also think he had the Flu. His fever peaked at 104.5 and today is his 1st day back at school. WELL, M and K now have fevers. M's has been coming on for a couple days and K's started last night so i'm guessing they have the Flu too. I'm sure Abigail will get it too since they are always all over her. I had the flu shot before i was discharged from the hospital so i hope that she has got some of the immunity from the breast milk.

Friday, January 26, 2007

turning into *one of those days*

Ben heads off to work and im trying to get some of my work done when i hear the kitchen sink going. So i think, washing hands? After the water has been going to long i go in there to see whats up. Two of my kiddos are washing dishes with bubble bath......... It's the thought that counts right?? So after getting that cleaned up i go back to work only to get interupted by Cody screaming that matthew poured his water on him. So while im getting new clothes for C i hear C yelling at Matthew that he's the Devil and then Kaitlen telling Cody that no, Matthews her child.. (????) then i hear K saying to M Are you ok, did he hurt you. Talking to him like a baby. Oh MY. So now that I have sprung another 5-6 grey hairs i think we will go lay down.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dad, you don't know sad

about a week and half ago Ben told Cody it was bedtime and when he went in to tell him goodnight Cody wouldn't talk to him. So Ben told him that if someone says something to someone and they don't answer back that it could make them sad. Then cody said, "you don't know sad, I can think of something a hundred times sadder" Ben then said a hundred times sad thats alot. Tell me something thats 100 times sadder. Cody- Never seeing Pops and Nana again, you don't know sad, Dad.
We didn't mention the anniversary of Bettys death to the kids, but I think it dawned on Cody when they went back to school from Christmas break. because the yr before we had kept him home an extra week and a half after Christmas break was over because he was so upset. So i think he realized the timeline. He'll be starting grief counsiling to help with some of this. The poor baby.

I'll never understand

Some of the things people do. I think it's pretty much universal that you don't steal from another persons grave. It takes the scum of the scum to do something like that. With that said, someone stole all of Bettys flowers off her grave. This is a small town cemetary were everyone buried there is pretty much related. Lots of graves there have pretty flowers so why was it Bettys? Because someone we know did it. Someone did it to get at the Velascos. Let me say what comes around goes around, karma will catch up with you. Just remember your disrespecting Betty. I know it seems like i'm typing this as if the person will see this, but no, I don't believe so but i do know that it'll trickle down the grapevine and eventually get to the person(s) that did it.

Yep, Cody's turn

Poor cody. I think he's got it the worst. He didn't throw up, but he had these horrible burps (just think sewer smell) i'm not kidding. Then diarrhea and now a fever of 103.4 and just miserable. He has missed 3 days of school and will miss tomorrow and his basketball game on Sat. I think the virus make the littles one throw up but jus gives the older peeps diarrhea. Hopefully it's a bug Ben and I have had so much as kids that we are immune to it now. One can hope.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Matthews turn

poor kiddo, but atleast his started at about 8pm instead of midnight and he was done throwing up by 11pm. He did run a fever unlike Kaitlen. He still has a fever today. He's a smart little fella. When he woke up from a late nap he took me into the kitchen and got "the bowl" and had me tuck him in bed with a bunch of pillows and he waited.......... (he was copying what i had done for kaitlen) then he eventually threw up IN THE BOWL, yea. (don't worry i don't serve food in this bowl,lol) I guess Cody will be next, we'll see.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Well it didn't snow. We had some freezing rain but it all melted away when the temp got above freezing today. Thats ok, pics went fine and the game was good. Abigail stayed awake for most of it and kaitlen played with a couple other girls there. Matthew did fine for a little bit but then got antsy so thomas took him to the car so he could play. Thomas didn't mind because he gets to listen to his music then. So everyone was happy :o)

What are sisters for?

For putting bandaids on you of course.

All the way from California

My girlfriend from High school sent these for Abigail. A friend of her designs them.

Don't ya wish your mommy was hot like mine?
Don't ya?

AJ's hat/poncho

Auntie Anna made this for Abbie for Christmas

Friday, January 19, 2007

We made it

We made it through the night. 3 blankets, a set of sheets, a flipped mattress and she's all fine now. Just very tired. we're both tired. Abigail is worn out too, though hers is from her shots i'm thinking. Off to go finish my work for the day.
Oh, I hope it snows like heck the first thing in the morning. Cody has b-ball pics and a game and I really don't feel like it. How bad am i?!?!?! bad mommy.


Kaitlen is throwing up. Her first episode was all over Bens shirt. He has a nack for that. So SHe got a shower, he got a shower and he's asleep and we arewatching cartoons. THankfully she thew up in a bowl for me. So i'm crossing my fingers Abigail don't get it. Thats the last thing she needs. Well, I hope none of us get it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Our Anniversary

Today is our 9 yr anniversary. :o) We eloped in Vegas :oO Ben didnt want a big wedding (or people there, lol) I wouldn't change it for the world. Since we have B-ball practice for Cody we are just going to go eat Mexican. Ben was going to make a steak dinner. Maybe next week.

2 month appt.

Abigail had her 2 month well check today. She weighs 12#s 13oz and is 23 1/2 in long. She is in the 95%ile for weight and height. The Dr said she looks more like a 5 month old than a 2 month old. She got 5 immunizations which was 3 shots :o(. She was so heart broken when she got them it was sad. Her chest still isn't cleared up so she is still on the inhaler and she now has a right ear infection so she got Amoxil to help clear it up. We had no idea her ear was infected, what a trooper she is. She got a sticker at the Dr's office and then at the pharmacy we got her a stuffed animal rattle.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We are having a master room added on and it's almost done.

Here is when they were framing

The outside is done (i think) the two corner windows is the bathroom.

The inside is almost done. you can see the bathroom and to the right is the closet.

Heres the hallway that they are doing that goes to the room. It was Kaitlens closet. you can see to the left(that bit of wood) where her closet door was they'll need to drywall.

Silly Girl

Saturday, January 06, 2007

She's a sicky poo

I took Abigail to the Dr's today she is really congested and has a cough. It turns out she has a little wheeze and Bronchiolitis. So she was given a prescription for an inhaler to help her out. She weighed in at 12#'s 4oz. She has put on two punds in one month. Such a chunko.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Abigail Betty Jo

I never looked up the meanig of Abigails name-

Abigail, a 3-syllable girl's name of Hebrew origin, means: A fathers source of joy
Betty, a 2-syllable girl's name of Hebrew/Anglo-Saxon origin, means: Gods oath; devoted
Jo, a 1-syllable girl's name of Hebrew origin, means: God will increase

Thursday, January 04, 2007

One year ago today

One yr ago today Betty was killed in a car accident. One yr ago ben called me from his work and told me. I dont remember screaming but Ben said i was. I remember looking into the den and seeing Cody. Cody was looking at me and I was thinking how can i tell him this. I can't tell him this. At that moment in time his little life was going to be changed, and it was. It has rocked his world. I would like to say a yr later he's doing better but he's not. Though his imaginary friend Jimmy the flee is on vacation which is always a good thing when he's away on vaca. Kailten still dont get it. She talks alot out loud about nana. Not sure if she's talking to Nana or God, but hearing her talk about it lets me know where she's at with it. Matthew doesnt remember anything. Ben and I are hanging in there. There are times i can look at Ben and see such pain in his eyes. He doesnt talk much about it but i see it. Here is the last picture i took of betty and the kids.

This was the first picture i took. You can see Betty looking at Cody. I always took a second pic even with a digital just in case. In the second pic Cody snuggled in close to her and you can see her hand was reaching for him. those are my last pictures. Cody was 6 yrs 3 months. Kaitlen 3 yrs 2 months, matthew 17 months, thomas just turned 14 and Abigail was thoughts that we hadnt shared with anyone yet.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years Eve

Ben was at work and called me at 2:00pm to tell me that William had stopped breathing. I swear it was like someone hit me in the stomach. I couldnt even talk. He then said we was on his way to the hospital in an ambulance. So i pack up the kids in the car and meet Ben at the walmart parking lot to head up there. When we get to the hospital i couldnt believe how he looked. He was covered in head to toe with hives, not just normal regular hives these things looked like purple bruises in a leopard like pattern. his eyes were swollen, his feet were swollen, He looked beat up. That was the hardest thing to see my little nephew so sick.

The doctor had no idea why he was so sick, why he stopped breathing or anything. All his labs came back normal. They eventually did a spinal tap on him which came back normal. So with Ben on the phone with Lani and telling me to look up different symptoms we eventually found out what was wrong. He has a milk allergy and his body had finally said enough and went into anaphylactic shock. So now he is on soy and getting better. His little body had alot to get over. The dr. that came in on New yrs day knew exactlly what had caused it, I just wish he had been the dr on call the night before to save William from going through all the testing that he went through. Here's the little man.


The chalkboard I got the kids from Ebay. Im actually going to take it apart and put the board on the wall. It's also magnetic and the letters come out so they can spell stuff. the back side of this is a dry erase board that'll go up on the wall too.

What quiet looks like - Glitter Maker