Thursday, January 04, 2007

One year ago today

One yr ago today Betty was killed in a car accident. One yr ago ben called me from his work and told me. I dont remember screaming but Ben said i was. I remember looking into the den and seeing Cody. Cody was looking at me and I was thinking how can i tell him this. I can't tell him this. At that moment in time his little life was going to be changed, and it was. It has rocked his world. I would like to say a yr later he's doing better but he's not. Though his imaginary friend Jimmy the flee is on vacation which is always a good thing when he's away on vaca. Kailten still dont get it. She talks alot out loud about nana. Not sure if she's talking to Nana or God, but hearing her talk about it lets me know where she's at with it. Matthew doesnt remember anything. Ben and I are hanging in there. There are times i can look at Ben and see such pain in his eyes. He doesnt talk much about it but i see it. Here is the last picture i took of betty and the kids.

This was the first picture i took. You can see Betty looking at Cody. I always took a second pic even with a digital just in case. In the second pic Cody snuggled in close to her and you can see her hand was reaching for him. those are my last pictures. Cody was 6 yrs 3 months. Kaitlen 3 yrs 2 months, matthew 17 months, thomas just turned 14 and Abigail was thoughts that we hadnt shared with anyone yet.


Ashley Hester said...

She looks like she was a very loving grandma!!!

Sheryl said...

Moms are so special and when they leave us too soon, it leaves a void in the family that is enormous. I am so sorry for what your family has gone through. I'm glad Ben has you to help him bear the pain of losing both his parents.