Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Matthew and Kaitlen

Boy, it doesn't stop. I believe Cody had the stomach thing that Matthew and Kaitlen had, but i also think he had the Flu. His fever peaked at 104.5 and today is his 1st day back at school. WELL, M and K now have fevers. M's has been coming on for a couple days and K's started last night so i'm guessing they have the Flu too. I'm sure Abigail will get it too since they are always all over her. I had the flu shot before i was discharged from the hospital so i hope that she has got some of the immunity from the breast milk.


Ashley Hester said...

Oh no! I hope she doesn't get it!!

I hope all the others get to feeling well soon!!

Sheryl said...

Sounds like the exact same thing that's going around the Potter Palace. G started throwing up on Thursday of last week ... C got it on Friday ... I had it on Saturday ... J got it yesterday (on his birthday, how UN-FUN) ... and now that 4/5 of us seem to be recoving from the pukes, G and S have runny noses and coughs. The fun never ends.

Lisa said...

Im glad to hear that atleast S didn't get the pukies. That really sucks for J, Happy belated B-Day. I hope the sickie leave both of our houses SOON!!.