Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving pics

I'm such a good mom I only took pics of Kaitlen and Abigail.

oh, and tomorrow i'll take a pic of Abigails bangs. i cut them and they are way to short. She looks funny.

A giveaway over at My Special K's

Renee over at my special K's is having a cool contest and the winner will get a 20$ gift certificate to Thirty-one The pics above are two of my faves on the site. So go over to Renee's and enter.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthday invite

For my girlfriends son. He wanted one like this one on Ebay except he wanted guitar hero world tour. i think i did pretty good :)

♥ Lisa

Deadly Black Friday

Ok, this story just straight out pisses me off. A Walmart worker was killed because,"an "out of control" throng of shoppers eager for post-Thanksgiving bargains broke down the doors at a suburban store and knocked him to the ground, police said."
They broke down the friggin doors. They couldn't wait for them to be opened?? come on seriously? damn savages. They killed a human being for what?? a 10$ Barbie? a 200$ xbox? an awesome deal on a TV. Is that what he was worth?
I know people have killed for less, but this was a crowd of shoppers.
Then there is toys r us. nice.

I certainly hope they charge them with his death.

♥ Lisa

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just to get you in the mood.....

and if it doesn't then your the Grinch. :)

Terrorist attack in Mumbai

It was just absolutely horrible what I was watching and listening to on CNN last night. I have heard some amazing stories of survival. I just can't imagine what they went through. Today the internet has pics up from the morning after. Just sad. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

♥ Lisa

Happy Thanksgiving

We are actually not celebrating until tomorrow. Ben is working so his officers can spend the holiday with their families. i hope they appreciate it :)

Happy Thanksgiving Mom. You probably would have worked today too.

Thanksgiving Comments
Thanksgiving Comments

♥ Lisa

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whats your Pilgrim name?

Mine is kinda cute....

Your Pilgrim Name Is...

Esther Winslow

♥ Lisa

Ohana Award!!

There’s a new award being sent out over the blogosphere! And it’s all about spreading the Aloha!
Jenn gave me this award , It was so nice of her to think of me.
Thank you !
Here's what you have to do: Answer this question !
If you were stuck on an island, what 5 things would you want to have with you?
Then help spread the Aloha !
Give this award to 5 other people and let them know you have given them The Aloha award !
Make sure you link the person who gave this award to you!
My 5 things would be:
ok, first I have a question. Are Jenn and I going to be on this same island?? cause this could be fun...
1. an endless supply of fresh water.
2. A nice shelter like you see in vacation ads for figi, lol, completely furnished.
3.umm, a cabana boy?? LOL husband
5. a good pair of shoes cause that really sucked on castaway when he had no shoes.

Im going to pass this on to-
1 My twin sister Tina of course
2. Ashley, she's the best.
3. Krimsin
4. Angelique

The last 3 are my sanity and more :) on a level hard to explain :)
♥ Lisa

# 3796

Does that seem like a lucky number??? IDK. lol. Over at pioneer woman shes giving away 4 250$ target cards and i thought, HEY, I'll enter. Then i laughed when i went to the end of the comments and there are nearing 4000. I wonder what it'll be when it closes at 9 tonight.

♥ Lisa contest!!

OK, is the coolest. She won this smart phone, but is giving you (or me) the chance to win it!!!
Just head on over there and follow the rules and GOOD LUCK! You have untill Dec 16th to enter :)

♥ Lisa

Monday, November 24, 2008

kaitlens long lost Twin

Renee posted about Reeces Rainbow and just fell in love with all the kids on there. So i went back on their today to look again. I don't remember all i clicked on but i got to different countries and clicked on the Philippines and then a link from there and to a PDF file and the second pic was of this sweet little girl who looks ALOT like Kaitlen.

Button For Coleman

Please grab it! thanks.


♥ Lisa

Coleman and Caden

Here is an update from Coleman and Cadens mom

I do have some sad news to report…and it breaks my heart to type this, but Coleman can no longer walk...not even across the room. We have been carrying him to the bathroom, to the tub, to the table, etc. He’s not a bit happy about it, and with the steroids he lets us know it! I try to make him hold my hands and get around, but he’s not having ANY of that, and says if I make him, then “NO HUGS FOR YOU MOMMY!” He’s just afraid to fall, and his balance just isn’t there. It’s tough to watch, especially when I know it makes him angry and I’m sure scared. With the steroids he goes from giggles to tears to anger all within a couple of minutes sometimes, but I think about how I’d feel if all of the sudden I couldn’t get around and I can’t say I wouldn’t have all the same feelings.

Then there’s the other half…Caden… who’s been worried about Coleman. He wants us to pray over him…as he says, “don’t touch him, juss put your hann over him and wepeat after me… “PWEEZE GOD… PWEEZE MAKE MY BRUVER ALL BETTER! Ann fank you for wuvin EV-wee-body in the world. Amen.”
I’m so proud of Caden and my heart breaks for him at the same time. He’s been extra bouncy, if you can imagine that, but I think a lot of it has to do with nerves.

*** Notice how Peggy says "Then there's the other half" that is because twins are one soul with two bodies.
This is just so wrong and beyond my comprehension. Cancer doesn't just suck. It sucks, bites and blows! Children should not have cancer.
Pray for Coleman. Pray for his complete healing.
♥ Lisa

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Abbie and animals

Abbie last night proudly showing of her monkeys. The stroller and all her babies were her fave gifts. This was before she got her tummy troubles. She took the sock monkey to bed tonight. :)

Here is Spot. He was looking oh so cute on the couch I had to take a pic. Patches is in my lap right now chewing on my chin so no pics of him.
ok, i felt guilty and took some pics of patches.
i took a pic of spot in my lap to try and show you their size difference. I'm not sure how well you can see it on there. I'll have to get them side by side. Spot has always been bigger.

Don't ask what we are going to do with them because i just don't know. I thought i could give them away and i cant :( especially not Spot (omg, hes watching tv right now. a space bags commercial. LOL) I had started crating them to detach them from me and me from them (they truely look at me as their mom) and tina was like NOOOOO thats so sad, just keep them............. bahhhhhh.
They are so funny, they try to groom me with there teeth. They'll do my shirt sleeves or my hair. Sometimes they will accidently pinch my skin. ouch.
♥ Lisa

Hmmm, Im Ordinary

You Are Mashed Potatoes

Ordinary, comforting, and more than a little predictable

You're the glue that holds everyone together.

♥ Lisa

Christmas Dresses....

I won't be making them this yr because last yrs still fit :) which is good because I spent alot on that fabric. Michael Miller fabric isn't cheap. I think from start to finish on those dresses I spent 60$ so divide that to 30$ a dress, BUT i have fabric left over because i was going to make vests for the boys but Ben couldn't remember where he put the pattern. So the boys got solid shirts. This year though I am making Lily a dress :) I can't wait. Plus instead of the present on the front of the shirt i took the ribbon off and will have there initial embroidered on it. And Ashley made the girls hair bows (like during the summer, lol) so it'll be slightly different. So if you divide the 3 dresses it'll be 20$ a dress, not bad at all!!!

♥ Lisa

Laughing Quadruplets

Saturday, November 22, 2008

John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy was assassinated 45 years ago in Texas. Can you image what a day that was for our nation. Absolutely devastating, and of course for his own family too. I mean really if you sit back and think about it had to be horrible. Can you imagine sitting and watching your tv and all of a sudden Bush was shot. I would freak and then if he died........... devastating. The President, the leader of our nation, just gone. I can't imagine how it was for everyone when that happened to Kennedy.
So, Abbie Jo and President Kennedy share a day. Her birth and his death. You know I believe Matthew and President Bush share a birthday too, hmm. Interesting.
♥ Lisa

William and William

The cake Auntie Anna made. She did and awesome job!!!! So creative, Strawberry Shortcakes hat.

William playing some airhockey

Matthew and William going 4wheeling :)

They are like twins in every way. Even their skulls are shape the exact same way.

Matthews first name is William if you are wondering where the title came from.
♥ Lisa

It's my party, I'll cry if I want to

What do you do when your child is afraid of crowds and strangers???? Plan her party at Chuck E Cheese. It's a guaranteed good time.

The girls in the dresses I made them. Kaitlen's is sure to fit in hers through college because after cutting the length i forgot to cut the width and it is 33" wide instead of the 25" it should be.Darn that chardonnay I had already sewed the sleeves on when i realized that. Thankfully the pattern is very forgiving.

See the pretties in her ear?? and her hair? Ashley made the girls bows :)

Dont look at me, dont talk to me, really dont

awww, Ash and Lil's

Emily and Kaitlen

I had thomas walk Ab around to see if she'd stop crying

Making faces for the sketched drawing

ok, the little girl in the red shirt..... you see her........ We don't know her. She showed up at our table at present opening time, lol.

Abbie wouldn't open her presents and I started doing it and then the kids took over. The little girl wanted to open one too. So i gave her one to open. I thought she'd stay for cake but she left.

thats what she did most of the party. There she has Deer summer sausage in her mouth.

Kaitlen blew out the candle for Abbie because Ab wouldn't do that either.
Auntie Anna made the cake. I'll post a diff pic of it in another post.

At the very end of the party she let me put her in a ride and we had no coins left, poor Ab.

♥ Lisa