Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a day already

Arrrrrrghhhhhhhh, Ben gets up with abbie and matthew and I just lay there in bed with Swayze. The first thing Ben does every morning is check the bank account. He yells my name and it just sounds wrong, really wrong. My first thought was don't be another 9/11.... He was sitting at the computer and tells me that our account is over drawn by almost 2000$........... WHAT?!?!?.......... we've been hit AGAIN!! it happened 4 1/2 years ago. Someone bought themselves a very nice computer on Overstock and some kind of graphic template for a website. It must have been a nice one cause it wasn't cheap. Then of course those cleared before our tiny here and there purchases and there is 9 overdraft fees............. B of A will take care of all of this, but not today because it's a holiday. (A wonderful holiday i might add!)
So how does this happen?? Well this is my thoughts. Both of the bank accounts that we've had fraud on were our accounts that were set up with paypal. I know Paypal says its safe, but it's really not. One of Bens officers talks with the foriegn students at the university and Ben just recently talked to one of the FBI guys about fraud on paypal and the forieners say paypal is very easy to get your info. >:/ so, i think I'm done with Paypal. Which will make shopping on Ebay a PITA.
We don't even understand why BofA let the Overstock purchase go through because there wasn't enough in there to cover it and then the web design to top it off...................


Jenn said...

Oh Lisa, that is horrible . I feel so bad.

Anonymous said...

lISA i AM SO SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO YOU. I think we better be done w/ paypal to then. I will let hubby know. But BOFA they are always having fraud. I remember not to long ago people's identity was getting stolen from BOFA and their money.

Anyway hugs to you girl... that sucks that u have to deal with this extra stress!


Krimmyk said...

hugs to you sweetie. I am so sorry you have to go through this..

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh no! I thought paypal was safe.

Hopefulsap said...

that's so awful... sickening. :( sorry this happened to ya'll!!!!!!!

Hope you've gotten or are getting all your money back soon! (and not charged all the fees too) yikes..