Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The joke my 9y/o learned today

WARNING- If you have a child by you that can read please do not scroll down. This joke is for adult eyes only.

This is bad and the poor kid (Cody) had no idea. I'm very sure that I know who had said it.

So after everything i say you say Ketchup and liquor.



What did you have for breakfast? ketchup and liquor

What did you have for lunch? Ketchup and liquor

What do you do when you chase a girl? (yeah, you guessed it) Ketchup and Liquor
Obviously Cody had no idea what that meant and probably thought what does ketchup and alcohol have to do with girls???

So tonight Ben, Cody and Kaitlen went to bed at the same time and Cody will talk your ear off and it probably went something like this, "hey dad, wanna here a joke i learned today?" Cody won't say who it was because I'm sure with Bens response he realized there was something wrong.
I have zero intentions on explaining that joke to him so I have no idea how to tell him it was wrong. Whats wrong with ketchup and liquor?? huh.

That boys parents must be proud. Can only imagine what the conversations will be at the Thanksgiving table.

ETA- This morning i asked Cody who told him the joke. He said he didn't remember because he was in like 1st or kindergarten when he heard it?!?!
He said it to him a while to catch onto jokes like,

Airplane, spell it.............. it
Spell Attic...............a-t-t-i-c (yeah, nice again)

I told him to ignore the kids when they try to do those jokes. He still doesnt know what is wrong with the ketchup one, but he knows its not nice.


On another disturbing note. At Matthews speech today which also has some kind of preschool or something there. i was in the waiting area with Abigail while M was with his speech teacher and the phone rang and the receptionist went and got one of the teachers out of the class. This was a followup call to the Arkansas child abuse hot line. I heard her tell the person on the other line that the boy complained his butt hurt and she took him to go potty think he needed to poopy or something and he had red marks all over his bum and thighs. (dont forget he said it hurt too :( ) so obviously this was yesterday and he went home and nothing mentioned to his parents ( she said that too). now i know for a fact that they have to follow up with the welfare of the child with in 24 hours so im sure the parents were contacted today. I hope all goes well for the little guy.

Thank God they called. If you are ever confronted with an issue in where you ask your self should i call? the fact that you thought it means YES you should!! The goal isnt to tear families apart. Its to help and fix and educate where they can and get those kids out that need to be taken out............ When it comes to kids don't ever turn the other way.


Tina said...

OMG, Poor Cody. I really dont know what to say.

Lorie said...

It took me a while to get the attic joke! I am slow this morning!

I think it is okay to just tell him that the joke isn't nice...and maybe have him run jokes by you BEFORE he tells them to someone else!