Sunday, November 23, 2008

Abbie and animals

Abbie last night proudly showing of her monkeys. The stroller and all her babies were her fave gifts. This was before she got her tummy troubles. She took the sock monkey to bed tonight. :)

Here is Spot. He was looking oh so cute on the couch I had to take a pic. Patches is in my lap right now chewing on my chin so no pics of him.
ok, i felt guilty and took some pics of patches.
i took a pic of spot in my lap to try and show you their size difference. I'm not sure how well you can see it on there. I'll have to get them side by side. Spot has always been bigger.

Don't ask what we are going to do with them because i just don't know. I thought i could give them away and i cant :( especially not Spot (omg, hes watching tv right now. a space bags commercial. LOL) I had started crating them to detach them from me and me from them (they truely look at me as their mom) and tina was like NOOOOO thats so sad, just keep them............. bahhhhhh.
They are so funny, they try to groom me with there teeth. They'll do my shirt sleeves or my hair. Sometimes they will accidently pinch my skin. ouch.
♥ Lisa


Jenn said...

Where did u get the brown monkey, I want one for the baby, we get him cute monkey stuff all the time!

♥Lisa♥ said...

it was a gift from her aunt and uncle. I'll have to ask them. Its super soft.

Jenn said...

Yes please ask them so I can get one for my Monkey Doodle !