Friday, November 07, 2008

Random X's 7

Ok, Jenn over at I hate Whine did a 7 random things about her and left it open for who else wants to do it. I tried to get Ben to help me, but he's not getting off the couch.

1- my nickname as a child was Pizza, Lisa Pizza, and i answered to it. I remember once as a TEEN being in the Hallmark store and my mom was leaving and she said," Pizza, lets go". I thought, Oh my, if i respond to mom everyone will know im PIZZA, LOL. I did turn and catch up with mom and i don't remember anyone laughing or staring.

2- I ALWAYS misspell remember. I type it as rember. It's something with my brain and i always have to go back and change it.

3- I heart Pizza to the 10x, yeah, like you didn't guess that.

4- I collected band aids in high school. Had some cool ones.

5- I have always had a fear of heights and bridges. I even use to be afraid of freeway overpasses as a child, but I've gotten over that part. (great, now I'll have a weird bridge/height dream)

6- when i yell at my kids i always start with, "You know what............" that was pointed out to me by thomas' friend a couple yrs back.

7-I didn't drink on my 21st birthday. Seriously.

There, that's 7 things you didn't know about me 30 seconds ago. Now go blog about 7 things about you and let me know you did so I don't miss out on the fun!!


Tina said...

I remember you being Pizza, what was I? probably didn't have a nickname. Why the hell didn't you drink on our 21 bday? WAIT!! why didn't we celebrate it together? I remember i went to the cowboy boogie with Annie and Brian picked us up. I threw up all the way home.

♥Lisa♥ said...

you were Tina peanut or Tina black man, LOL!!(the sha-na-na's (sp) )
IDK why we weren't together. :( for my 22nd, Girl Chris took me to the boogie and paid for all my drinks.

Jenn said...

At home it's 19 I was pregnant so I never drank, then I was a momy and never had wild bar fun until I was broken up from the ex with two kids for 6 months...the kids went to him on weekends and I went out !