Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Costume cost

I thought I'd share what each of their costumes cost me.

matthew- 10.00
i got the fabric for a dollar and then fabric paint and letters. we had everything else

kaitlen- 30.00
bought the leotard off ebay, made the tutu with 11 yards of blue tulle at 40% off, ribbon for her neck, several yards of white tulle at 40% of but i already had that at home. i used her old plastic shoes even though i bought her a new pair for a quarter. bows for her shoes. The white gloves i got off ebay too. i think thats all??

abigail- .50
i paid 50¢ for the nylons for her wings. Ashley did the tutu and antennas

Cody- 27.00
well, it cost 20 on ebay and shipping was 7. I will say we saw just the mask at party city for 30$

thomas- 0
we had all the stuff

Overall not bad i think?? Kaitlen said next yr she wants to be a cheerleader and that i can't make it we have to buy it, LOL.
Matthew i think will be an Arkansas Razorback!!! if i get way in over my head with that then im sure he'll happily settle for a razorback football player.

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Tina said...

well you have almost a year to think about or start making them....