Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wowzer cody

Just as i was getting off IM with Kim, Cody says to me...

Cody- what were you saying about not having babies any more?
Cody- what do they have to do?
(ok, kim and i did not talk about this. He has heard it who knows when and is now just bringing it up. it could have been last week, last month or last year)
Cody- Do they have to close something up?
Me- -standing there speechless and confused, lol, thinking which form of prevention should i tell him about.
Cody- do they have to close something up?
Me- (so i went with what he knew from watching From conception to birth on TV.) Cody you know how the swimmers are in the fight for their life? Well, in men they go have that tube cut and then the swimmers can no longer get by and then no more babies. Like Daddy did.
Cody- oh yeah, the fight for there life. Well, What if like 10 got by?
Me- it only takes 1
Cody- yeah cause they are in the fight for there life.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my. This child still doesn't know how the swimmers get from the male body to the egg in the females body. Whew, and he hasn't asked. If he knew swimmers came out of the penis he'd probably think Ben had his penis cut off.

I think i know what Cody was getting at about closing something up. He knows babies come out of the vagina and wanted to know about that end of things. But he doesn't really know about fallopian tubes and ovaries and well, still hasn't asked how the sperm get in there so i kept my explanation to the male side of it all. he was happy with it and we are good until the next go around.

Sheila's Obituary

Tina's sent me the link to Sheilas obituary.


ok, i mentioned back in in a different post that Ben is going to days and we will be *normal* but that i hadnt wanted to post about it because i didnt want to jinx it............
Well, Its been delayed. Unforseen circumstances. BUT, they are going to give him Fri and Sat's off for May and June and he can comp out time and go to codys and Kaitlens games. So thats good. So instead of being *normal* by May it should be July.

Awesome josh update!

Josh is doing well after his surgery. He's still having headaches but I don't think that has anything to do with surgery--more so migraines. We are heading back to St Louis on 6 May (Happy Birthday to me!) for a follow up exam. We got the results back that he has NO tumor cells present--YAY! His brain lesions are a part of a demylating disease and we will keep an eye on them through MRI's. The MD wants to do another one in a month to watch for any changes.


Sheilas funeral will be Fri, may 2nd. It is going to be at the same place where Davids viewing was, But david funeral was at The Crystal Cathedral, performed by Dr Robert Shuller such a great man.
May 2nd is also the day Tina and David were married on. Its amazing how significant dates start repeating in families.
May 2 is also the day Ben and i met each other. Tina and I had gone out dancing.
Tina and Brandon will be flying out on Thurs and coming home on the 5th. Alex will be staying home. He's so upset and wanted to just remember her from how she was last month. Dad will stay with him thurs night and his dad will be home Fri night.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pretty fun day

Ben had today off so we met Ashley for lunch at the Olive Garden and after lunch Ben took the kids and Ashley and I hit the town. lol, ok... we hit Target, Walmart and Hobby Lobby. We got some workout stuff, kaitlen a new swimsuit, fabric, ribbon. Oh, i got rice but i seem to have left that at Walmart. Ben is going to have to pick it up tomorrow. Then we went to go get miss lily and play with Ash's moms animals. Then off to meet Ben and the kids for a 3 mile walk. After Ben and I got home we made dinner and watched two movies and him and Abbie are asleep in bed.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My sweet kaitlen

Kaitlen made a heart with her hands and came over to me and put her hands on my heart and said this is where your mom is, thats where shes suppose to be.

Happy birthday Ben!!

Today Ben is 36!!!!

Last night the kids made him cards and a cake. Cody told me my cakes look much better than the ones on TV. :) He is too sweet, lol. I dont have a pic because it was that uckie looking, lol. But it tasted super yummy.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sheila Conner

Tina's First Mother-in-Law passed away today. She was the sweetest, kindest, most loving and giving person. Today was a huge shock to us. She had fallen and had a compound fracture in her leg, but was in the hospital recovering. She had a long recovery ahead of her, but she was a strong person. Sheila Conner 11-21-1944 to 04-27-08
Im so sad for my nephews. they have lost 2 grandmas in 3 weeks. My sister has lost 2 moms in 3 weeks.
Sheila was welcomed into Heaven by her three guys. She lost her husband Paul about 17 yrs ago, her son David 15 yrs ago and her other son Greg 6 yrs ago. What a sight for her to see.
I tried to find the poem David had wrote for his dad when he died. It was recited at all three of their funerals. I'll get it later on and put it up here for you.
Sheila we love you!!
Im just so sad for my sister and her family. Tina was her daughter, Brian was her son. Those boys were her life.
I talked to Sheila when she sent me flowers for my Mom. She sounded so good. I told her how Tina said she could hear how happy she was in Sheilas voice after seeing Brandon and Alex. So happy you could hear it through the phone.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jockos in Nipomo, Ca

Codys plate of crab legs.
This was March 04 when we drove back to California to see Betty. Cody was 4 1/2. Kaitlen was 1 1/2. I need to show a pic of her. She still had very little hair. Poor baby
ok, here she is. She is the same age there that abbie is now. thats all the hair she had and she never lost her hair after she was born.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Matthews bday invite

ok, i made a baseball sporting event ticket for mattthews bday invite. He wants a baseball theme. this is just a test run. i need a baseball pic of matthew and we have no idea when we are having his party, lol.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Alex update!!!!!!

And he's doing so good.

From A's Dad,
So Alex has been home for a couple days. He has been feeling mostly been ok. His bandage changes have been quite the experience. We have an antibiotic schedule that is around the clock. We have alarms set for 6am 12pm 6pm 12am. He is not the nicest boy at 12am and 6am lets just say.Today we went to Alex’s school for lunch and recess. When we walked into the cafeteria the kids started clapping. He turned red. He had about 10 boys around him all talking at once. I have not been in school for lets say…..A long time. It was funny to see the six grade at work. Alex stood with a group of boys …while groups of girls walked by closer and closer. The girls were very concerned. None of them really got to talk to him. He had a wall of boys around him. He was so happy when we left. I could really tell he wanted to stay. We are hoping by the end of next week he will be back in school. He will be able to go but not participate in p.e or recess. His wound is still horrendous. Our fear as parents is that someone will inadvertently hit him in the stomach.I have to say It’s so nice to be home. Home is where the heart truly is. I see so much progress from Alex now that we are here. He feels better every day. Tina and I could not ask for more than that!. Thanks everyone for worrying so much about us.We are blessed with amazing friends and family!


Kaitlen at Tball

They were suppose to have a scrimmage tonight but the other team cancelled. Her team just practiced but they were all in uniform.
Throwing from first
waiting on first
running from third
working second base
the only one ready
squeaky clean wearing Nanas robe. she was over in the corner of the couch with her wet hair.


Kim and Joshua

Please keep praying for them. They went back to St.Louis today to talk with the neurosurgeon and for another MRI. Tomorrow Josh will have surgery. He'll be in the hospital for a couple days to recover.

Joshua and Kim i will be praying for you!! (((HUGS)))

Gifted and Talented

I got a letter home today that Cody has been recommended for GT and will be tested in Aug. Ben and i were just talking about this(not GT) but Cody and how smart he is and that he's having a hard time connecting with kids his own age. None of his classmates want to know about everything down to the cellular level and the how, the why, and ifs about it. You can have Cody and another boy playing with a shark and the other boy will have the shark attacking stuff while Cody is giving an anatomy lesson. That's just how he is. and depending on the shark, he'll tell you the region it lives in, what it eats, how it hunts, if it goes by other names and on and on..... So this is a real good thing.


Bed Head

the worst case of bed head i have ever seen......... a hard core wooley booger.
This is what i saw when i got out of the shower,lol.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


On thursday Cody has a game at 6 and kaitlen has a scrimage at 6 at two different places. I knew Cody had a game and K's was suppose to be practice on thurs but her coach just emailed saying its a scrimage. If it was just practice then it would be no big deal because they have practice 3 days a week with only having to go to two of the practices. I could have seen Codes game. So thomas will go with Cody and I will go with Kaitlen.

Soon Ben will be on days, did you hear that?? lol. i havent wanted to type it because things change so fast and i didnt want to jinx it, but we've known for a couple months?? He will have an A schedule. mon-fri, weekends off, holidays off..... wow, weird, we will be normal...... So with all that said he will be helping coach Codys team and will be there for his games. Hopefully things will pan out and he can see kaitlen play some of her games too. She is an awesome ball player.
I'll update more on Bens new position when i flippin remember what it is, lol.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alex last night

Tina And Alex
Alex and Chelsea

Flavor Sprays

I saw this on Food Network last night on Unwrapped. It was really interersting. I want to try a couple of them(butter, bacon, ranch). When i do I'll let you know what i think.


My bird. Likes the Bellamy Brothers!!! Redneck Girl........... it came and and she was grovin to it, lol!!!



I dont know the result of the scan to see how the blood flow is going to leg/feet, but as of now she hasnt had amputation surgery, so it must have come back good/promising. I hope it stays that way and only improves.
Tina was told that she had a small heart attach. Thats upsetting. I don't want anything to set her back. I just want her to steadily improve and go home.
Tina and Brian just told Alex about Sheila tonight and he is crushed, just real upset.
Keep her in your prayers.


Monday, April 21, 2008


what a long two weeks for Tina and Brian. I can not imagine one of my kids that sick. i know how i felt with him being so sick i can't imagine how his parents felt. So stressful and heartbreaking.
But he's heading home now!! *happydance*

Sunday, April 20, 2008


was 9 yrs ago today. :( thats was horrible. Here's another link.


Alex update!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I posted but for some reason its not there. So sorry to everyone that was waiting. Yesterday was an awesome day. Alex woke up feeling great. He ate more yesterday then he has in a week. He was also able to move around really well We went for a long walk. They took his blood around 6am. At 10am they came back and told me his blood count was normal..........................................Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! He still has a drain in his stomach that is still producing stuff. They told us yesterday if Alex keeps going the way he is they might send us home Monday. They want to monitor him through the weekend and make sure he is truly out of the woods. They seem to think that the iv antibiotics are doing their job on his second abscess.Alex's day was especially good because he had some special visitors.............First his uncle Matt flew in from Texas just to see him. I can not tell you how excited this made him Second his grandma came with some new Wii games. His Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Greg came too. Aunt Cheryl Brought homework and news from school.He can not wait to get back!I am so excited for Alex. He is going to be sore and have an open wound.....but he will be home. I will keep everyone up dated.Have a great day!


ok, i have been waiting for alex to get well over the hump before i posted kid pics and stuff. I am pretty sure he is well on his way to going home!!!! so here are some pics of the kids.

yes, one of my kids always has to be naaked or half dressed. Its a rule in my house, lol. no, seriously it drives me nutts, but what to do. yes, i've tried keeping the house cool, but it dont work.


lipstick cuties

Kaitlen wanted red lipstick on really bad. :)i showed abbie herself in a mirror
and she kissed herself

lol, she kissed it off.