Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alex update from BIL

4/17/08Well Alex had his procedure this afternoon. It went really well. They installed a drain tube right through his abdomen right below his belly button. He had a huge amount of fluid drained by the surgeons. They could not believe how much was in there. Its been several hours since surgery and his bag has so much in it its amazing. No wonder he was so sick. They don’t believe that his two abscesses are attached. The plan is to wait till his drain quits oozing. Then retest his blood count.

On the lighter side Alex was hilarious when they gave him the Anesthesia. He was pretending he was on a roller coaster. He was also pretending his heart rate monitor was a light saber. I was laughing so hard.

After the surgery he woke up in lots of pain. After some meds he was able to tolerate the pain. He quickly went to bathroom after which is a good thing. Going to talk to Dr’s at 600am. They are going to look at some pictures tonight. They will have a clearer idea in am. Was told that if his drain dries up and his count goes down. He will be able to go home Sunday or Monday. That would be awesome! I will keep all informed. Thanks for all the support. I promise I will blog more in Am when I have a clear picture.

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