Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Alex update from his Dad

Alex is pain is under control right now. The surgery team has decided not to operate.They want to give the meds a chance to work. A urologist is coming to give results of ultra sound. Alex's incision site has become infected. So they are going to remove his staples and clean the wound. They are going to leave wound open so it can drain as it heals. So his wound will take longer to heal because it will heal from the inside out. Alex is a little down today...Which hey who wouldn't be. I asked him if he wanted me to tell everyone anything. He said "Tell them I'm OK.". Alex likes that so many people are following his recovery. I told him he is popular. He said "I know". Update more later .............Thanks everyone.........Our friends and family are amazing! We truly appreciate all your support.


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