Friday, April 18, 2008

Alex update

Met with the Dr's this morning. They are not wanting to operate on Alex's second abscess. They are hopeful that the antibiotics will do there job. The plan is to wait a few days and retest his blood count. He is very sore and tired today. The staff was in our room what seemed like 100 times last night. He is resting comfortably watching blades of Glory. Nothing planed for the day. Hopefully we can get the boy some rest. We are going to try and get Alex out of the bunk today. He doesn’t feel like he will be able to get up today..We will try our best…….Everyone have a great day!


MamaBear said...

If my calculations are correct, Alex has now been in the hospital for 10 days ... that poor child. Any thoughts on when he might get to go home, or is it too soon to tell?

Get well soon, Alex!!

♥Lisa♥ said...

yes, 10 days. i think it is to soon to tell BUT if his body does everything the Dr's want it to do then could be Sun or Mon. There are several things. The tube needs to be done draining all the pus. I dont know how much the surgeons drained but over night he drained 800cc's of that stuff. Then his white count needs to drop. im not sure about a repeat CT of the other abcess but i think he has to have another one and im not sure if that has to be smaller or not. then there mighht be other things i dont know about.