Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alex update

THis was an update from a while ago. He should be getting the CT any minute

The results of Alex's white blood count came back bad. Shortly after he came down with a fever. Dr's have decided to give him another ct scan this afternoon. Doing the Ct they have to use a contrast solution. Alex says the solution is like drinking snot. He asked the Dr if there was a pill or another way he could take it. Dr said they could give it to him through his rectum. Alex said lets do it that way. I was shocked..but at this point i don't blame him. As dr was getting ready to leave Alex says "excuse me.....I think I would rather drink the stuff". So how bad must that stuff taste to contemplate getting it rectally.


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MamaBear said...

Oh bless his heart ... please post as soon as you hear results from the scan.