Sunday, April 13, 2008

BIL update on Alex part2

It has been another long night for Alex. His fever has subsided but his pain has been horrible. They have been working really hard to manage his pain. One of the hardest things for Alex is having to show everyone his testicles. This has began to really bother him. So i have become Alex's ball monitor. I have been using my Iphone to take pics to show to nurses and Dr's(how's that for a Iphone commercial). At about 245am I noticed that there is no more room for growth. The hospital brought in a ultrasound. Yet again Alex had to have a person examine his testicles. His testicles are so sensitive that the slightest touch makes him very uncomfortable. He was given morphine before they started the procedure. Even with the morphine Alex was in a ton of pain. So this ultrasound shows an abcess of the epiditymitis. He is back unable to eat or drink till they decide whats the best action. Here is a link for some medical explanation. I will continue to update. Thanks for keeping Alex in your Prayers. Oh one other thing...... I know Alex can handle anything that is thrown at him. We are here for a fight! So bring it! And we will deal with it!

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