Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aleex morning update

4/17/08Good morning everyone!The Dr’s have decided to go ahead with the less intrusive procedure. The consciences among the board this morning is that the two are not connected. They are still going to go after the one in his abdomen. The hope is that with less infection his body he will be able to heal the other with antibiotics. If after a couple days its still there……Then we will deal with it then(think positive). It involves a very invasive procedure. While he is under today they are thinking about draining his scrotum. Not for sure though. Dr’s really do not want to subject his body to the possibility of more infection. His testicle swelling has slightly gone down. If it was a 20 story building he is down to the 16th floor.Still a long way from the lobby!So last night Alex felt great. On of two things either he was feeling a little better or the meds finally did there job. I think it was a combination of both. Him and I took a long walk. Had to stop him for fear of the pain he might feel later. He was laughing and joking around. We played guitar hero and had a good time. Around 10 we decided to go on a little adventure. Lets just say both him and I needed to get out of his room. We loaded him up in a wheel chair and took off. The hospital here at night is like a ghost town. So we rode the elevator to several different floors. We also speed tested his wheel chair running down the halls. After many donuts in his wheel chair. We got something to drink in the cafeteria. Then back to the room. He was tired and fell asleep fast. Around 2 he woke up screaming but pain didn’t last long.Today he is feeling pretty good. He is on a no food and drink again. He is eating his breakfast in his Iv this morning. Will keep posted.Keep up the faith! We are feeling it!