Thursday, April 10, 2008


this is a couple houses down from us. Two chicken house got wiped out and barn and sheet metal all over the place. We could actually follow the tornado's path from here to across the street going across the field heading toward our property but at the angle it was, it passed our property line when it came over to our side and it continued on from there. it drug all that sheet metal and insulation until you could no longer see through the trees. I never got a tornado WARNING in my emails. Some tornado watches, but no warnings and when i went to bed the weather guy said that Fayetteville and Rogers was OK it was all down in Fort Smith, so i went to bed. Bahhhhhh

Sheet metal all over
two chicken houses
the barn from both sides
the tree branch to the bottom left came down because a peice of metal came down and cut the tree in half. The metal is still stuck in it.
Good news it that the house only lost some shingles.
You should be able to click on the pics to see them bigger


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