Tuesday, April 01, 2008


For Bens birthday i ordered him a Julian shirt and bracelet plus the rest of us bracelets. It was going to be an early gift, but it was earlier than i thought (but thats OK, Bens been known to claim the whole month of April for his birthday :) ). I had slept in and the mail ran early. Ben saw who the box was from and opened it as i was walking into the kitchen.

King Julian, all for the King!!
Mimi also sent us two bumper stickers, Julians memorial card and a picture of him!! It was an awesome surprise.
Oh, i should take a pic of the bumper sticker. It has my favorite pic in it. Not that you could choose a favorite, but if i did that would be the one.
Look at that face, look at that smile!!

If you want a Julian shirt or bracelet just email Mimi
or visit Julians care page, Juliansworld