Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alex update!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I posted but for some reason its not there. So sorry to everyone that was waiting. Yesterday was an awesome day. Alex woke up feeling great. He ate more yesterday then he has in a week. He was also able to move around really well We went for a long walk. They took his blood around 6am. At 10am they came back and told me his blood count was normal..........................................Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! He still has a drain in his stomach that is still producing stuff. They told us yesterday if Alex keeps going the way he is they might send us home Monday. They want to monitor him through the weekend and make sure he is truly out of the woods. They seem to think that the iv antibiotics are doing their job on his second abscess.Alex's day was especially good because he had some special visitors.............First his uncle Matt flew in from Texas just to see him. I can not tell you how excited this made him Second his grandma came with some new Wii games. His Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Greg came too. Aunt Cheryl Brought homework and news from school.He can not wait to get back!I am so excited for Alex. He is going to be sore and have an open wound.....but he will be home. I will keep everyone up dated.Have a great day!

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