Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BIG update from BIL

Latest news on Alex. Tina Alex and I just met with Dr to discuss Alex’s case. So Alex’s has two abscesses That are rather Large. His surgery is scheduled for 2:30pm tomorrow(but could be changed). They are going to insert a drain into the abscess using Ct. There is only one access that they can get to with the ct. The other is in a place where they would be unable to get to with out serious risk. There is a slight chance that the two abscesses might be connected. Tomorrow morning Dr’s are going to meet to discuss his case in front of a team of Dr’s. We are hoping for the ct which is far less intrusive. If not he will have to go into surgery so they can see layer by layer as they go in.We really need for them to be connected………Today Alex’s meds have been changed from morphine to an oral medication. His pain seems to be in check. He woke up in a great mood. His mind seems to be much clearer today. He had a teacher come to his room to help him work on math. He really enjoyed this. After We loaded him up in a wheel chair and took him down to play bingo. The volunteers her run a bingo game on Wednesdays for the patents. They have great prizes for the kids and everyone is a winner. They broadcast the bingo game threw the TV so Ever child can play. Kids from their rooms call in when they get bingo. Alex enjoyed this. I believe it was nice for him to just get him out of the room. It took a little maneuvering (mom was having a hard time keeping up with his Iv stand). Lets all think positive and keep the prayers coming.We want our boy healthy!


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