Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CT update

Well its a new day. I just got the results from Alex's ct scan. There is a reason for all this madness. He has two abscess(pockets of pus). One in his abdomen and one next to his rectum. The course of action to relive this is uncertain right now. My understanding is that they might be able to use a machine similar to the ct machine .It will use computer imaging to insert a drain where needed. This is supposed to be less invasive than full on surgery. Radiology is looking at ct to see if process is possible. As far as his testicles go the best description I can use to describe the appearance is ANGRY. Still extremely swollen and sensitive. Hopeful if he can get his abdomen drained we will start seeing some relief there also.Last night his pain was tolerable. He slept pretty good. He is currently sawing logs. He wasn’t fully awake this morning to hear the Dr’s talk. I’m sure when he wakes up he will have 100 and one questions. I know one of the first ones will be “do I have to drink that stuff again?” I sure hope not. If he does he is liable to throw something at me. We hope everyone has a great day. Today is our day….I can feel it! I know you all have Alex in your thoughts. It means more than you know….We love you all……..

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