Saturday, April 19, 2008

Alex update

Tina told me tonight that he got his socks! yea! so hopefully they fit and i get a pic tomorrow. now for the update...........

Well all and all today was a good day. Alex is very sore. His abdomen is very sensitive. ….but hey who’s wouldn’t. They installed a three way valve in Alex’s drain. They back flushed it to make sure it doesn’t clog. He has been watching movies …playing guitar hero and building sculptors out of plado. Been tiring to keep him occupied. We have had a lot of laughs today. Tried to get up today but was unable to straighten up. Dr’s are going to retest his white blood count on Monday. So it is just a waiting game for now.We learned something yesterday that really pisses me off. When they install a drain it has a wire attached to a string that goes up the tube. The reason is the tube is a coil like a piggy’s tail with holes in it to absorb infection. The way to remove the drain is u cut the tube which takes tension off string and wire. That way it comes out straight with no tension on it. Well……… of the worst things Alex has gone through is when they pulled his drain out in Astoria. They never cut the tube. They just grabbed it and jerked it out of him. Alex hit the roof. The pain that was supposed to last 5 seconds never went away. That’s when all the problems seemed to progress. I told the Dr up here how they removed it and he grimaced. He said that would be like pulling the tube out with a rock attached to it. Nice! Alex is really nervous about the removal. I can imagine after the first one. I will never get anything major done at that hospital again. I will rent a helicopter and fly to Portland if I have to.Alex is currently working on his guitar hero skills. I do fear that he is enjoying bossing dad around a little too much…LoL We love u All…..


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