Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Darn Toothfairy

The last tooth Kaitlen lost the very tired toothfairy left the money and just slid the ziplock baggie that held kailtens tooth inbetween the two mattresses and would put it up in the morning. Well today kaitlen comes ruinning down the hall MY TOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!! yep, she found it, i totally forgot all about it. She is so excited shes going to leave it for the tooth fairy all over again.



Nicole said...

The real question is, will the tooth fairy leave more money or will she leave an apology note?

MamaBear said...

Even tooth fairies have their moments ... LOL!

In addition to the tooth fairy, we have the "House Fairy" at our place ... sometime I will have to share some of her mistakes. :-)

♥Lisa♥ said...

i forgot to put the tooth under the pillow last night and heard all about this morning soooo trying hard to remember tonight and i think the tooth fairy will leave a "finders fee" for kaitlen, LOL