Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wowzer cody

Just as i was getting off IM with Kim, Cody says to me...

Cody- what were you saying about not having babies any more?
Cody- what do they have to do?
(ok, kim and i did not talk about this. He has heard it who knows when and is now just bringing it up. it could have been last week, last month or last year)
Cody- Do they have to close something up?
Me- -standing there speechless and confused, lol, thinking which form of prevention should i tell him about.
Cody- do they have to close something up?
Me- (so i went with what he knew from watching From conception to birth on TV.) Cody you know how the swimmers are in the fight for their life? Well, in men they go have that tube cut and then the swimmers can no longer get by and then no more babies. Like Daddy did.
Cody- oh yeah, the fight for there life. Well, What if like 10 got by?
Me- it only takes 1
Cody- yeah cause they are in the fight for there life.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my. This child still doesn't know how the swimmers get from the male body to the egg in the females body. Whew, and he hasn't asked. If he knew swimmers came out of the penis he'd probably think Ben had his penis cut off.

I think i know what Cody was getting at about closing something up. He knows babies come out of the vagina and wanted to know about that end of things. But he doesn't really know about fallopian tubes and ovaries and well, still hasn't asked how the sperm get in there so i kept my explanation to the male side of it all. he was happy with it and we are good until the next go around.

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