Saturday, April 12, 2008

What my BIL posted

Alex has a communicating hydrocele. They are going to go after his infection with aggressive antibiotics. So they are not going to operate right away. Going to monitor him closely the next 3 days then go from there. Alex has been incredible! His ability to deal with adversity is absolutely amazing. He had a new Iv just installed and got a shot of morphine. So his pain is manageable. His temp is still spiking but the staff is right on it. My understanding is that fluid from his Appendex removal is draining through the tube that his testicles descended down. Normally after the testicles drop the tube closes. Alex's for some reason remained open. They do not want to go in and drain the testicles for fear of infection. After his body is rid of infection. There is a simple out patient surgery to repair the hydrocele. Hydrocele medical explanation.


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Patty said...

Oh my poor baby!!! I hope the doctors and the meds do their job, and he is back to normal in no time!! Sending lots of prayers.